Croach Pest Control is Expanding Services into Spokane and Denver

During the early to mid-1800s, many American pioneers began migrating to the Pacific Northwest along the Oregon Trail in search of new prospects and opportunities. In the next few weeks, Croach® will be doing the same – on a much smaller scale of course – but going in the opposite direction.

Our business is growing, and in addition to our current offices, we’ll be expanding operations eastward into Spokane and Denver!

To do this, we’ve appointed two of our best technicians to blaze the trail.

Richard Verner is an ex-firefighter and has had a lot of success during his time with our company. He will be managing operations in our Spokane branch.

Trevor Barrett is a dirt bike enthusiast and football fan. He’ll be running things in Denver, after spending 2 years as the head of our Arizona office.

We sat down with both of them for a Q&A.

An Interview with Trevor and Richard

Q: Are you excited to get started, and what are you most excited about?

Trevor: “Yes. I’m excited to be in a new environment and the opportunities for growth. I’m looking forward to visiting Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and doing some snowboarding!”

Richard: “I am very excited to represent Croach®! This has all happened so fast for me, and I think what I’m most excited about is to see how this experience helps me grow personally and professionally.”

Q: Have you gotten a chance to familiarize yourself with the area?

Trevor: “I took a trip out there [Denver] recently, and really enjoyed the weather. It was sunny every day!”

Richard: “I lived about 40 miles east of there [Spokane], in Kellogg, ID about four years ago, and loved it. I was on the fire department there so I am very familiar with this area. It’s just like coming home.”

Q: Where will the base of operations be, and what areas will Croach® be servicing?

Trevor: “We are going to be all over the greater Denver area. Mainly the northeastern, eastern, and southeastern areas. However, we will go pretty much anywhere in the greater Denver area.”

Richard: “Being based in Post Falls allows us to cover the entire Spokane Area. We do service as far west as Cheney, up to Loon Lake, and as far south as Clarkston.”

Q: What stands out most about your area regarding pest control? What pests are unique to the area?

Trevor: “Voles are a big problem, they tear up yards. Homes here usually have basements, rather than crawl spaces, so there will be more room to operate. There will be less crawling in small spaces! We do a full service in every basement, finished or unfinished. We also granulate on the initial and we solely power spray.”

Richard: “Home construction here is different than in Seattle. The homes here are typically 30% larger and sit on about 80% more land. Homes are typically slab on grade which means they do not have a crawlspace or they tend to have a full basement. Pests unique to the area include pocket gophers and marmots. Marmots can be the size of a cat or bigger. They create mounds that can be big enough to damage farm and irrigation equipment. Due to the climate and the snow we see here, we are going to have to focus mainly on rodent control during the winter months. Carpenter ants seem to be a bigger issue as well. In the western region, we have hobo spiders and black widows.”

Q: Why did we choose to expand to Denver and Spokane?

Trevor: “Growth! The economy is good in Denver. It provides great opportunities for small businesses to grow.”

Richard: “The reason we chose Spokane is because we merged with a family member’s pest control company (Pestguard) in the area, which in turn allowed us to ramp up our existing coverage in Lewiston and Kooskia.”

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