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Traveling Bed Bugs – Don’t Bring Them Home With You

Uninvited Guests

It is amazing how many people never even think of bed bugs in their hotel room as a possibility unless they have had the opportunity to travel abroad. But even traveling in the U.S. for business or pleasure can yield the same results – bed bugs!

Croach Pest Control for Bed BugsYou may not even be aware that there are uninvited guests staying in your bedroom, until weeks later when you get a call at the office from home.

An angry, frantic voice that sounds very familiar … yelling un-thinkable things at you through the phone line, with orders to get home now!

Inspect Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

When you Arrive at Hotel or Resort

Leave your luggage in the car until you have been able to check your room! It is time to become a Jr. Bed Bug Inspector! What are you looking for?

  • Have a small flashlight (an LED keychain flashlight will work) and start by inspecting the bed!
  • Check under the sheets and pay close attention to the seams and piping at all 4 corners.
  • Look inside drawers, behind pictures and the headboard.

Should you find signs of bed bugs, tell management you want a room that has had NO problems with these little suckers.

Do not accept a room next to, above or below the room in question as bed bugs are great at finding their way to adjoining rooms via electrical outlets!

After Checking into Hotel Room

Pest Control of Bed Bugs - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Close up of immature bed bug nymphalOnce in a clean room, showing no signs of bed bugs, do not place clothing or suitcases on the bed or floor. Instead use the luggage racks.

Just because you did not find any bed bugs does not mean that there couldn’t be some hiding.

They are very small and great at hiding. They could easily be missed, so be cautious.

When you Return Home

Your luggage should be carefully unpacked, vacuumed and all the fabric contents washed.

With the possibility of unknowingly bringing home unwanted visitors, it is well worth the time to inspect. These pests can easily become a problem to an entire population of people.

Remember they do not discriminate, it matters not to them how much your room may cost. Do your small part in keeping these pests out of your home to begin with!

Professional Pest Control

For more information, browse our bed bug FAQs. If you’re concerned that you may have returned home with bed bugs, call Croach® for expert pest control! We provide bed bug treatment for homeowners living near Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Denver.

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