Wasp Removal Near Boise

Boise is a small town which delivers a big city experience, with incredible:

  • music
  • culture
  • activities

The area is excellent for outdoor lovers with amazing weather and tons of activities.

Boise supports an extensive range of animals, including insects, some of which are amazing and others that are a nuisance.

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Stinging Insects Near Boise


Wasps are dominant in Boise from spring to fall. The females carry a stinger, and unlike bees that only sting once, wasps will sting repeatedly, potentially causing severe injury. The wasp nests under decks, crawl spaces, and roof eaves. They're easy to identify by their wasps nests, which look like paper umbrellas. The wasp is a formidable foe because it secretes pheromones when in danger. Subsequently, the pheromone signal alerts other wasps who come to the rescue of those in trouble. That's why wasps are a dangerous insect to handle without proper gear and experience.

Yellow Jackets

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This is the most defensive wasp species giving a sting first and ask questions later approach to every encounter. If threatened, yellow jackets will often pursue and sting repeatedly. Multiple stings will easily land you in a hospital in the case of an allergic reaction. You will most likely find yellow jacket nests in trees, gutters, and shrubs around the property. Yellow jackets are the most dangerous to exterminate because of their aggression and painful sting. It's best to call in experts when you notice a yellow jacket nest on your property.


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The most common hornet in Boise and the Treasure Valley area is the bald-faced hornet. It's actually an 'aerial' yellow jacket, and not a true hornet at all. You can identify it by the ivory-white markings on the face, thorax, abdomen and legs. Many gardeners consider it beneficial because it preys on other insects, including yellow jackets. It's also a pollinator. Like other wasps, it builds a paper-like nest. But if the bald-faced hornet builds a nest under your roof eaves, in shrubbery near your yard or within 10 feet of your home, it can create a danger. Certainly, people with known allergies to wasp stings should have any nests close to their homes removed immediately by professionals.

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Wasp Nest Removal - Boise ID

At Croach®, we have invested years of experience and equipment in controlling pests ranging from roaches, spiders, ants, and rodents. We also offer preventative services like attic insulation for comprehensive pest management.

With our proven, safe and effective methods, we can help you manage all the species of wasps found in the Treasure Valley.

We don't recommend using DIY methods of handling wasps because of their aggressive nature. If you have a wasp problem, get in touch with us today for a free pest inspection.

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