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ant control services in the denver colorado areaThe Denver climate provides the perfect environment for pests. Carpenter ants enjoy cold, dry winters while Harvesters relish the hot summers.

Many types of ants are a nuisance when they invade your home. Some species, however, also destroy property, contaminate your food, and bite or sting.

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Common Types of Ants in Denver

Ants live in colonies that contain thousands of reproductives, drones, workers, and scouts.

Your Croach pest control technician identifies the species, customizes an extermination treatment, finds and destroys the nests, and kills the queens. Retail products and DIY methods don't get rid of them; they only disperse the colony.


Tiny pavement ants prefer building nests in the cracks of pavement, hence the name. They also form colonies in masonry walls, basement flooring, and other concrete structures.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenters are the most destructive of the species. Often confused with termites, they don’t eat wood; they live in it. Powerful jaws tunnel inside and through the wood structures of your house. Carpenter ant damage costs Denver homeowners thousands of dollars every year.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous ants give off a bitter, citrus smell when crushed. Indoors, they often live inside walls and under flooring. They build high-population nests in the hundreds, and an infestation can get out of control quickly.


Field ants build large dirt mounds near structures like your home’s foundation, fencing, or at the base of trees. A greater threat to lawns and landscaping, they may come indoors when they swarm in late summer to early fall.


Pharaoh ants are a tremendous nuisance as they infest homes, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and other buildings with easy access to food. They need warmth to survive, and therefore, always nest indoors.

Harvester Ants

Harvesters clear the vegetation surrounding their nest, thus creating bare spots in your yard. When disturbed, they will attack with a venomous sting that can cause allergic reactions in some people.

How to Get Rid of Denver Ants

Identification of the species is the first step, as each type of ant requires different extermination methods. This is another reason retail spray and bait is ineffective.

You also need to kill the queens, destroy the colony itself, and the scouts that are foraging away from the nest.

Professional pest control is the fastest and most effective solution for Denver homes. But you can take steps to help prevent infestations by removing access to food, water, and shelter.

  1. Keep flooring, countertops, and other surfaces clean to eliminate traces of food crumbs and spills.
  2. Wipe down the leaves of house plants. Tiny insects called aphids live on these plants and excrete a sweet honeydew that’s tantalizing to ants.
  3. Repair water leaks and limit other sources of moisture.
  4. Seal off points of entry and possible nesting sites (inside and out) such as cracks in concrete or flooring and gaps around doors and windows.
  5. Cut back landscaping that touches any portion of the house. Keep mulch away from the foundation. Store firewood and other outdoor items at least 15 feet from your home.

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If ants in the house are becoming a nuisance or a hazard in your Denver home, contact Croach® for a free inspection. We’ll identify the species and create a customized treatment plan for extermination before the problem becomes severe.

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