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The pest control industry was primarily about one-time extermination when Croach® came on the scene.

When your bug or rodent problem was out of control, you called an exterminator. They could kill or remove some of your pest population. But due to reproduction cycles and other factors, the pests would return.

At which time, you’d have to call out an exterminator again.

This cycle created expensive, ongoing aggravation and distress for homeowners.

Many pest control contractors still follow this model, some even intentionally leave a problem behind. Great for the bottom line, not so much for homeowners and businesses.

Croach® is a pest elimination and prevention service company. We build lasting relationships with our customers to keep their homes protected and pest-free.

A Better Way to Serve Customers

The basis of our success is providing customers with a tailored pest management and prevention program.

Croach® focuses on long-term protection and customer satisfaction. We all live in a climate where pests negatively affect our quality of life.

Rats, moles, and other rodents; spiders, wasps, and other stinging insects; cockroaches, and other bugs cause tremendous damage to property.

They contaminate food supplies, spread disease, cause pain or illness, as well as anxiety and stress.

Our customers would prefer to avoid these things altogether whenever possible.

It is easier and less expensive to stop something from happening
in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

The Value of Family-owned and Operated

Croach® is here to stay, to continue serving you long into the future. Various family members are active in management and support roles company-wide.

As Croach® is our family legacy, we are passionate and dedicated to maintaining an excellent reputation, outstanding customer service, and exceptional results.

We encourage creativity and innovation. Forget about corporate red-tape and high employee turnover. We care for and empower our employees in a personal way just as we care for and appreciate our customers.

Much of our expansion and growth beyond Kirkland, Washington – where it all began – is due to the involvement and dedication of family, close friends, and dedicated staff who actively participate and believe in the Croach® vision.

Pest Control Contractors Dedicated to Your Protection, Safety, and Health

We’re not exterminators (one-time, high cost). We are pest control contractors who focus on elimination and prevention.

We’re not a franchise-oriented, marketing-driven company (quantity vs. quality).

We retreat as needed between scheduled visits free of charge – a rock-solid guarantee for our customers.

We create custom elimination, exclusion, and integrated pest management solutions specific to each customer’s situation.

Meet your local licensed and knowledgeable technician and learn how Croach® pest control services give you consistent peace of mind.

Find a local Croach® pest control branch nearest you.

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