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Bed Bug FAQs

Our Most Common Questions About Bed Bugs At Croach®, we get a lot of questions about Bed Bugs, so we thought we’d give you our most … Read More

The Dangerous Deer Mouse

Cute and Potentially Lethal Deer mice are a subspecies of the New World Mouse, distant cousins of the house mouse and wharf rats. Small, they reach … Read More

Rat Removal

Croach® focuses on rat removal by applying rodent exclusion techniques as well as baiting and trapping. During your initial inspection, we will access your home’s interior … Read More

Rat Extermination

Rat Extermination and Control are Critical to Health and Home Integrity Rodent infestations are dangerous to your family’s health, the integrity of your house, and the … Read More

Types of Ants

Get an overview of the types of ants that may be taking up residence in your home. We’ve summarized the most common as destructive, aggressive, or … Read More

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