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Ant Control - Croach - Tiny black ants on leavesDid you know that do-it-yourself ant control can make an ant problem worse?

The types of retail insecticides and methods DIYers use to get rid of ants often scatters them rather than exterminating them, creating more ant nesting sites. Most general consumer insecticides labeled for ant control are not effective.

Different species of ants require different treatments. And most retail products only kill the ants you see, but not the entire colony.

In addition, many pesticides that are effective for ant control must be used by a licensed pest control professional.

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If ants are becoming a nuisance or a hazard, contact Croach® for a free inspection. We’ll identify the species of ants and create a customized treatment plan for ant extermination before the problem becomes too severe.

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Why Do I have Ants in My Home?

Ant Control - Croach - Ants eating watermelonFood is the main reason you may have an infestation. Ants smell food using their antennae.

Ant scouts forage for food leaving a chemical trail (pheromones) for the other ants in the colony to follow.

Because they are so tiny, they find ways into your home through the smallest of openings.

When ant scouts smell and locate a food source, hundreds of more ants come to take part in the feast.

Foodstuff may include:

  • crumbs on the floor
  • or countertops
  • in kitchen cabinets
  • dirty dishes in the sink
  • small spills that haven’t been cleaned up
  • a pet’s food dish
  • or even a trash can

If your home provides a steady food source, ants may establish a colony inside walls, under your home’s foundation, or in the ground near access to their daily meals.

The most effective thing you can do on your own is to keep a clean home. Ants are so small that droplets of spilled beverages and tiny food crumbs are a tempting buffet.

Ants are usually just a nuisance. But several species of ants can be aggressive and will bite or sting.

One of the most important reasons to hire professional ant control services is to prevent damage to your property.

Croach® Ant Control Services

Your Croach® licensed technician finds the colony of the ants and eliminates the infestation with multiple treatments.

We will perform a thorough pest inspection at your property and discuss findings and potential problems.

Next, we will present a customized plan for elimination and ongoing management.

Then your home’s interior and exterior are treated to begin ant control services.

Schedule your free pest inspection today.

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