Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation

Croach® is an experienced crawl space insulation contractor in the Seattle area. We integrate pest control services with all attic and crawl space projects.

Rodent infestation is a common occurrence in the crawl space. They nest in your insulation, creating a mess.

Additional issues in the crawl space contribute to poor indoor air quality, rotting structures, mold, and energy waste.

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Symptoms of a Crawl Space Problem:

  • Drywall cracks in the interior
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  • Mold in the crawl space or on your baseboards
  • Foul odors in the home
  • Heightened allergies
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Condensation on your windows
  • High energy bills
  • Pest and rodent infestation

If you've been avoiding your crawl space because it gives you the heebie-jeebies, it's time to seek out professional options for sanitization and repair.

Why is a Professional Pest Control Company Concerned with Crawl Spaces?

In our decades of pest control experience, we've seen many pest and rodent infestations which originate in the crawl space.

That's why we now offer crawl space cleaning, repair, and insulation services for our Seattle area customers. Pest control is a crucial step that many crawl space repair companies miss.

Not only are our technicians licensed and experienced in the construction side of crawl space repair, they are also trained to exterminate existing pests including spiders, rats and mice, and creepy crawlies. Once the pests and their debris are removed, our technicians meticulously sanitize the entire crawl space. Finally, they use the process of exclusion to block future pest access.

Pest and Rodent Exclusion

Exclusion refers to blocking access to your crawl space so the pests can't get in to begin with.

After cleaning and sanitizing the crawl space, we:

  • Identify and block access openings.
  • Repair damaged vent screens.
  • Crawl space doors are restored or replaced.
  • Remedy construction flaws in the rim joists and foundation.
  • Seal gaps around pipes and ducts.
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Croach® Crawl Space Insulation Process

After a comprehensive inspection, your Croach® crawl space contractor will customize a plan to make this area of your home safe, clean, and energy-efficient.

Depending on the condition of your crawl space, you can expect:

  1. Removal and disposal of your damaged insulation.
  2. Extermination of existing rodents and pests.
  3. Application of a bacteria-enzyme odor-control product. This non-toxic product kills bacteria and eliminates organic odors, germs, fungi, and mildew. This step is exceedingly important for damp or water-damaged insulation and structures.
  4. Decontamination of the entire area, if requested. We’ll clean and sanitize to remove urine and feces that rodents leave behind.
  5. Professional pest control exclusion services for the prevention of future rodent invasion.
  6. Installation of new, energy-efficient crawl space insulation.

You have entrusted us to improve the quality of your home; we go above and beyond to make sure we honor that trust.

What About My Attic?

Often, similar insulation problems in crawl spaces can be found in attics too.

Attics are often a home’s top culprit for an inadequate amount of insulation, outdated materials, and rodent problems.

Our technicians use specialized equipment, such as vacuum systems, to clean out old, inefficient, or damaged insulation. We utilize our expertise to eradicate rats, vermin, or birds, sanitize the area, and install blown-in attic insulation for the highest pest prevention and energy-efficiency.

Seattle Crawl Space Service Area

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