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Croach® pest control services include the identification, management, prevention, relocation, or extermination of insects, rodents, and other species of pests that jeopardize a person’s health, safety, financial well-being, and living or working environment.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally responsible method of pest control that involves strategies such as exclusion of pest entry points, nesting and breeding, baiting, trapping, sanitation and antisepsis, relocation, and extermination product application, with judicious use of pesticides.

Common pests that are essential to manage include rats, mice, and other rodents like voles, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, and silverfish. Various fleas and mites, like clover mites, beetles, stink bugs, and other insects; like emerald ash borers, wasps, and other stinging insects, should be managed as well. Croach® Pest Control also offers termite and millipede removal services at our North and South Carolina locations.

Croach® pest control services are tailored to your specific needs, using the most effective means available after a comprehensive inspection and consultation.

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Pest Exclusion is as Important as Pest Extermination

Exclusion is a critical area of our expertise. It consists of finding, identifying, and excluding future access to pests in all seasons throughout the year.

Every one of our customers is faced with a different array of pest concerns. Your professional technician will create a tailored strategy to manage your pest control needs for extermination and prevention.

Repeat treatments are designed to break the breeding cycle of pests, remove the infestation, and permanently impede or prohibit their return.

Croach® Pest Control Services

Initial Inspection:
Our licensed pest control technician will perform a thorough pest inspection at your property and discuss findings and potential problems.

A customized plan for extermination and ongoing management is presented. Then your home’s interior and exterior are treated to begin pest control services.

Note that it is common to notice increased pest activity after your initial treatment. This is a good sign. It means that the pests in your home are moving out - permanently!

First Regular Service:
Approximately one month after your initial service, we will return and perform your first regular service; adding a protective barrier to the outside of the property and applying exclusion methods.

This visit breaks egg and reproduction cycles, eliminates persistent pests who have not yet vacated, and creates a roadblock to help prevent future infestations.

Regular pest control services:
Environment-friendly products, like our eco-friendly treatments, will naturally break down after 60 to 70 days. Since your home will always provide an ideal source of food and shelter, many insects and rodents will try to come back.

Ongoing pest control and management are in your best interest for your health and safety.

If in between regularly scheduled services you have pest activity in your home, Croach® will return and retreat the affected areas free of charge. If after two retreats we have not fixed the problem, we will refund your last full payment.

Each Regular Pest Control Visit Includes:

Our certified and experienced technicians will inspect your home for any pest activity and potential problem areas.

Exterior treatment:
This creates a liquid barrier against pests around the exterior. We also treat areas that may be pest-prone.

When applicable, our professional pest control services include granulation to provide extra pest protection for your home.

De-webbing and wasp removal:
Your technician will safely clear your home and garage of spider webs and inspect the yard, fence, and exterior for nests.

Interior Treatment:
On the first treatment, we treat the interior to rid your home of current pests and protect it from future outbreaks. If there are areas that need a retreat, simply let us know before your next service, and we will treat the inside at no charge.

At Croach®, we guarantee a retreat of any pest issues that may arise between regular services. If we can’t resolve the issue after two retreats, we will refund your last payment. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and enjoy a pest-free home!

Protect Your Home and Family from Pests

Pest control services should be part of your continuing home maintenance plan. If allowed to roam free in your house and on your property, pests can cause structural, electrical, safety, and health hazards, in addition to unnecessary expense.

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