Silverfish Control: Prevention and Extermination

The Problem with Silverfish

Silverfish Control - Silverfish chewing pages of book - Croach - Beaverton, ORThe major problem with Silverfish is property damage. They consume paper products, books including the glue from book bindings, cardboard (storage boxes, food packaging), carpeting, wallpaper, clothing (cotton, silk, and other materials).

Because they are nocturnal and move fast, you probably won’t see them, only the damage they leave behind. But you may notice black, pepper-like spots of their feces. Or find dead Silverfish in the bathtub or other moist areas in your home.

Are They Dangerous?

Fortunately, Silverfish do not bite or transmit diseases to humans. However, they are prey to spiders, house centipedes, and earwigs, and therefore attract other pests to your property.

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How Did I Get Silverfish in my Home?

They find their way inside through cracks, torn screens, or open doors. Since they prefer high humidity and dark spaces, we often find them in attics and basements. They will make their home inside ready-made food sources like cardboard boxes, piles of books, newspapers or magazines, or bags of clothing. It is also the perfect environment for them to breed.

Females will lay sixty or more eggs in cracks and crevices. If water is available, they can live for over a year without eating. Coupled with their ability to populate quickly, it’s not surprising to learn you’ve had an infestation for a long time.

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How Can I Prevent Further Infestations?

You’ll need professional pest control to exterminate Silverfish. But once we’ve gotten rid of them, we recommend the following measures to help avoid a reoccurrence:

  • Store books, magazines, clothing and similar (especially in garages, basements, and attics) in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids rather than cardboard boxes.
  • Protect important documents in plastic or metal containers.
  • Keep all your foodstuffs (such as cereals and grains) in glass or plastic containers with snap-tight lids.
  • Studies have shown the essential oil from Japanese Cedar is 80% efficient in repelling these pests.

The best solution is always prevention with ongoing pest control. Where there’s one type of pest problem, there are others attracted to the food source.

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