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Pests such as ants, termites, wasps, spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice don’t stick to a timetable when it comes to invading your home. Columbia has a humid, subtropical climate. The summers are hot and humid, and even though the winters in Columbia tend towards cool and mild, the city is known for experiencing temporary cold spells.

A lack of consistent cold snaps gives pests longer active and breeding cycles. These various weather and seasonal temperatures will drive multiple pests and rodents into your home.

Common Summer Pests and How to Eradicate Them

Columbia, SC has experienced its fair share of sweltering summers. In some cases, reaching a blistering 107 F. In this extreme weather, flies, mosquitoes, ants, and other bugs thrive. There are steps you can take to reduce the instance of bugs such as ants, wasps, and the like.

  • Trash - Ensure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids. Fruit flies will lay their eggs in decaying fruit.
  • Leftover Food - Cover any leftover food or place it in sealed containers and move it to the fridge. Wipe down your countertops. Ants send out scouts when they discover a source of food; they lay down a chemical trail for other ants to follow. There are many species of ants. The most dangerous to your home is the carpenter ant. This species of ant damages the wood in your home. If you suspect carpenter ants have invaded your house, then you need to contact Croach® for specialist eradication and treatment.
  • Stagnant Water - Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Empty and remove any containers where water has collected.
  • Gutters - Ants can gain access to your home from your gutters. They use the leaves and other materials in your gutter for their nests. By cleaning your gutters, you reduce the likelihood of an ant infestation.
  • Weeds - Clean up large patches of weeds or overgrown patches. These spots provide a perfect breeding ground for bugs.

If you’ve ever taken a trip to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens during the warmer months, you’ve probably spent a great deal of your visits swatting away flies or mosquitoes or spraying yourself with bug repellent. The environment at the zoo is not just pleasant for the animals; bugs also enjoy the conditions. Your home provides many of the same features that attract insects to your property.

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The Most Common Types of Pests During Fall and Winter

As the weather cools down in Columbia, SC, we spend more time in our homes. Pests such as rats, mice, and spiders also seek shelter.


For the most part, spiders are a nuisance but relatively harmless, excluding species such as Black Widows. Spiders are notoriously resilient to long term eradication. They will continue to enter your home if the conditions are right.

To help reduce the instances of spiders, you can carry out the following measures:

  • Remove any cardboard boxes, newspapers from your garage, attic, or basement. These make ideal hiding spots for spiders.
  • Cut back and remove any overhanging branches near or touching your exterior.
  • Remove any excess vegetation.
  • Seal any potential entry points you discover.

Pest Control - Croach - Columbia, SC - Closeup of House SpiderCroach® can arrange for one of our experts to come to your home and help create a plan for the treatment of your house.

Our technicians will then carry out an initial treatment that involves spraying around the base of your home. We will then brush the eaves to remove any spiderwebs and egg sacs. Placing glue boards will trap any stragglers.

Spider prevention is an ongoing process. Croach® can advise you of the best course of action based on your needs when you call.

Rats and Mice

Pest Control - Croach - Columbia, SC - Rat Mouse Chewing on house wiringContrary to popular belief, rodents are exceptionally clean creatures. But they carry diseases due to the unsanitary environments where they forage. When fall and winter come to Columbia, SC, these pests seek out warmth, shelter, and food in your house.

Aside from the health risks they pose to you and your family, rats and mice are notoriously destructive. They can, and often do, chew through electrical wiring, which has the potential to start a fatal house fire within your walls or roof cavity.

Because they can breed quickly, one or two rodents can turn into a full-blown infestation. Rodents are intelligent. If one rodent sees another getting caught in a trap, it will avoid going anywhere near that trap, no matter how enticing the bait may be.

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The Croach® Method of Pest Control

At Croach®, we believe the best form of pest control is prevention. We thoroughly inspect your house to ensure that any entry points are sealed to prevent further invasions. Removing the current infestation isn’t enough. Pests will always return if given the opportunity. That’s why we follow a regular service regimen. Here’s what that looks like.

Initial service – We conduct an extensive inspection of your home. During which we are happy to answer your questions, hear your concerns, and encourage you to point out known trouble areas.

Treatment plans customized to you – We offer tips like those above, describe your best service options, then we explain our service, how it works, and your guarantee. We will treat your home, inside and out, which will flush pests from the property. You may see an increase in activity as pests are disrupted. Don’t panic, you will then see a sharp decline.

First Regular Service – One month after the initial service we return for your first regular service. Most of the pests will have already left your home. This treatment should eliminate the rest, break the egg cycle, and create a protective barrier around your home; which prevents future infestations.

Regular Service – Services are scheduled every two months to keep the barrier active and treat potential new problems. It is vital to maintain this two-month cycle as the pesticide and barrier begins to break down after sixty days and runs the risk of re-infestation.

If the unlikely occurs, and you have a pest control problem between visits, call us for a complimentary re-treat.

Pest proofing your Columbia, SC house begins with a phone call to Croach® to arrange your obligation free pest inspection and quote.

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