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Croach Pest Control Technician Seattle WAA pressing concern that home and business owners face is the potential for insects, rodents, and other pests to infest their property. Pest control is challenging for property owners who do not have pest control experience.

Our expert technicians know how best to eliminate the various pest infestations faced by Boise residents using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.

Rodents (rats and mice)

Common household rodents in Boise include Deer mice, Norway rats, and Roof rats.

Rats and mice create safety issues and cause structural damage to your home. They chew through electrical wires, tunnel into insulation, and build nests inside walls or furniture.

Household rodents also carry and transmit diseases to humans, pets, and your food supply. For instance, the deer mouse spreads the dangerous Hantavirus through direct contact with, or dust contaminated with, rodent urine or droppings. You may not even know rats and mice are in your home to get sick from a rodent virus or bacteria.

We implement several unique approaches to rodent control, using effective methods of inspection, extermination, and exclusion to remove these damaging pests from your property and to prevent them from coming back.


Types of ants in Boise include Carpenter, Formica, and Pavement Ants.

Ants love sweets, but they will eat almost any food. All it takes is a few scouts to find a food source in your home, and ants will infest the area. Spraying a retail pesticide or setting out traps is not a successful, long-term pest control method to get rid of ants. You must find and exterminate the ant nests and the queens.

If ants are becoming a nuisance or a hazard, contact Croach® for a free inspection. We’ll identify the species of ants and create a customized treatment plan for ant extermination before the problem becomes too severe.

Stinging Insects

Types of wasps in Boise include the Paper Wasp, Bald-faced Hornets, and the Western Yellowjacket.

Wasps can be extremely aggressive if they perceive a threat to themselves or their nest. They will sting repeatedly, causing significant pain, burning, and swelling for several hours. Some people have serious allergic reactions to wasp stings.

Many DIY wasps nest removal methods you’ll find online are not effective or they put you in further danger. Do not burn, flood, or crush a wasp nest. Let Croach® help you get rid of wasps safely.


Boise’s roach species include American, German, and Oriental cockroaches.

Most cockroaches are attracted by after-dark light. If you see roaches in the daytime, it’s a powerful sign of infestation. To discourage cockroaches from coming indoors, make all food and water sources inaccessible to them, and seal access points.

Getting rid of roaches is difficult and requires ongoing attention, sometimes for months. You need to exterminate the adults, the newly born nymphs, and the egg capsules.

A cockroach treatment begins with an inspection of the home for the source of the infestation. Once our technicians locate the entry points to the home, they put together a customized plan to get rid of roaches.


Species of Spiders in Boise include the Black Widow, Yellow Sac, and House Spider.

Most spider bites are painful, but not medically significant. However, seek medical care for bites from a Black Widow or Yellow Sac as they can be harmful to people, pets, and especially children.

As with any pest, we attract spiders to our home with food, water, and shelter. You can take precautions to ensure spiders don’t get an invitation inside. Remove clutter, keep cardboard box storage off the floor and away from walls, and dust and vacuum often.

Croach® provides exterior de-webbing as part of your regularly scheduled services. Contact us for Boise spider control.

How Boise Pest Control Services Work

Initial Service: Our licensed pest control technicians perform a thorough pest inspection at your property, answer your questions, and discuss potential problems with you. We will then apply your first treatment.

First Regular Service: This service is provided one month following the initial service. Now that we have flushed the home for pests, we add a protective barrier to the exterior.

This visit breaks egg and reproduction cycles, eliminates persistent pests who have not yet vacated, and creates a roadblock to help prevent future infestations.

Regular services: We provide regular services on a bi-monthly basis (every other month) or quarterly (every 3 months) to the exterior of your home.

Our eco-friendly treatments break down after 60 to 70 days. And since your home will always provide an ideal source of food and shelter, many insects and rodents will try to come back.

Re-treats: If between regularly scheduled services you continue to have pest activity in your home, Croach will return and retreat affected areas free of charge.

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