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Pest control is peace of mind for homeowners who live in and near Aurora, CO. Because it's more than people who find Aurora a great place to reside. Pests, like insects and rodents, find it very attractive too. With over 100 parks, Aurora has a plethora of natural habitats in which they can grow and breed.

Unfortunately, pests are not respectful of boundaries. Wasps and bees will start new hives anywhere on or near your property during the warmer months, while mice, rats, and other vermin seek shelter from the cold during fall and winter. Croach® understands that different pests are attracted to your home during different times of the year and tailors your service to them.

Croach 5 Star Review - Aurora, Colorado Pest Control "Croach and their technician, Jessica, provided excellent service. Always prompt and courteous. Very thorough in their approach to their work. We use them quarterly and never have any issues!"
Bill M. - Aurora, CO

Get Rid of Spiders, Mice, Ants, and Wasps Near Aurora

Croach® pest management services work to safeguard your family and property in Aurora from all of these pests. The pest control process begins with a thorough inspection of your property. Then we apply a customized service for your problem. Our method is so successful, we guarantee it!

Heat attracts bugs. A substantial treatment prevents large outbreaks.

As the weather gets colder, pests such as rats and mice begin to look for shelter. Our technicians will provide another treatment. We will reschedule with you if wind or rain will prevent us from treating your property.

Treatment during winter maintains the barrier our ongoing service has started. Only a lighter treatment is required, but it is essential to continue the protection cycle. Treatment during winter sets your property up for an effective Spring treatment.

This is the first treatment of the year and eliminates any pests hiding under your house. It also creates a strong barrier.

We've got you covered for common pest problems such as deer mice, carpenter ants, silverfish, hornets, yellow jackets, bed bugs, black widows, yellow sac, brown recluse, and hobo spiders.

Croach 5 Star Review - Aurora, Colorado Pest Control "Bailey is always considerate and professional !! We have had no activity since we started with your company !!!"
Dawn K. - Aurora, CO

How Croach Revolutionized the Pest Control Industry

Home Pest Control - Croach - Aurora, CO - Technician spraying for spidersNot so long ago, pest control was a very different affair. Pest control companies focused on extermination rather than prevention. As a result, businesses and homeowners would have to put up with an infestation until it got out of control. Then the exterminators would come.

They would cover the entire house with plastic or other materials, forcing the occupants to find alternative accommodations for days or sometimes weeks. They would get to work spraying caustic chemicals to eradicate the infestation.

This method only solved half the problem. It got rid of the initial outbreak, but it did nothing to prevent the pests return. This created an endless cycle of infestation and eradication, which ended up costing homeowners thousands.

At Croach, we knew there had to be a better way. We stand out from other pest control companies because our method focuses on elimination and prevention, which is much more effective than elimination. Preventing the pests from returning breaks the cycle and saves you money at the same time.

Your pest extermination needs are unique. So we offer customized eradication and prevention options designed to provide you with total peace of mind.

Croach 5 Star Review - Aurora, Colorado Pest Control "Croach has been amazing and I have definitely noticed a decrease in bugs in the home and around the exterior outside! Lloyd has come several times and is always so nice and friendly. I would highly recommend this business."
Lauren R. - Aurora, CO

Your Local Aurora Exterminator

Home Pest Control - Croach Near Me, Aurora, CO - Technician removing bee wasp nestWith so many parks, it is clear Aurora loves the outdoors! Spend the day out with your family at Great Plains Park or at historic attractions like the round barn at the Delaney Farm. Aurora is also known for interesting public art like the Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. statue at the library of the same name, or the "Unglued" 16-foot blue chair with a leg falling off.

Summers are beautiful in Aurora, with average highs in the mid-eighties. The winters are great if you like snow and cold. However, those cold temperatures also send pests like spiders, roaches, ants, and mice scurrying into your house to survive.

Encountering pests outside is one thing. It’s when they try to join you in your home that they become a problem. And the spiders we mention can be dangerous.

But no worries - Croach® technicians near you are experts at removing unwanted guests from your home within your budget.

Croach 5 Star Review - Aurora, Colorado Pest Control "Love the service! I have used other services similar to the ones offered by Croach, however the attention to detail offered is like no other. My technician, Keith is awesome! He is super friendly, and efficient. He is very knowledgeable and informs me of everything he see's around the home. I am absolutely pleased!"
Jessica - Aurora, CO

What You Can Expect During Your Initial Visit

We thoroughly inspect your home, inside and out. This initial checkup includes:

  1. Identifying your existing pest issues.
  2. Diagnosing potential future pest problems.
  3. Reviewing results with you, including an explanation of recommended treatment products and methods.

The Benefits of Becoming A Croach® Customer

Why choose Croach® over all of your other options?

  • Work with dedicated professional technicians who are deeply educated on the behavior, habits, and biology of the pests we control.
  • Receive a customized service plan developed exclusively for your home.
  • Enjoy cost-effective pest control that keeps infestations from returning.
  • If you see pests between appointments, you can use our free retreat guarantee.
  • Our Aurora customers love us! We've generated over 600 5-star reviews for our highly effective services.

Croach 5 Star Review - Aurora, Colorado Pest Control - Spider Control - Rodent Control - Croach "No pests! Any evidence of pests and they get right here. I thought bunnies were digging in but the hole was from mice. Croach identified and took care of it. I love not having to deal with mice and spiders."
Vicki - Aurora, CO

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Croach proudly serves all neighborhoods near Aurora, including Watkins, E Smoky Hill Rd/S Gun club Rd, E Ridge Trail Dr, S Tallyns Reach Pky, E Orchard Rd, S Waco St, E Arapahoe Rd/ E Aurora Pky, E Ida Dr/E Low Dr, N Gartrell Rd, S Parker Rd/S Fraser St, E Jewell Ave, and E Quincy Ave.

Live Pest Free in Aurora!

Our family-run business puts your peace of mind first. Embrace a relaxed, gracious lifestyle in Aurora, confident that your local pest control service has your back.

Call Croach® today at 719-377-6776 or schedule your inspection online.

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