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The motto near nature, near perfect was fitting for Spokane; with a beautiful river running through it, and surrounded by rich forested mountains, who wouldn't want to call this place home?

But with all this beauty, we also get some tough pest issues. Living near an abundance of natural resources leaves us vulnerable to the threat of invasion from pests, especially as we spread our boundaries more and more.

Croach 5 Star Review - Spokane WA Pest Control "Croach is the pest control company that you want to go with, hands down! They've been to my house and helped me with my ant and spider problem, and recently had to come back for mice. They were professional, very knowledgeable, and gave me a great deal. They're on standby for any questions or concerns, and get back to me with answers very quickly. They seem to legitimately care about helping me, rather than these other huge companies that just care about making a buck. "
Alese - Spokane, WA

Free Pest Inspection

Why do we have pest problems in Spokane?

Our climate mix and our landscape create a perfect environment for a variety of pest issues. From the creepy crawly pests like spiders, including black widows and hobo to centipedes, cockroaches, and those pesky ants. Stinging insects like wasps love to disrupt our barbeques and interrupt our summer fun. And the rodents, aside form our lovable unofficial mascot, the marmot, we have mice, voles, gophers, even rats who spread disease and cause property damage.

There is a solution

Croach® trained technicians thoroughly inspect your home and property looking for places pests can thrive or gain access. After our inspection, we share our findings with you and establish a customized elimination and prevention plan to fit your unique needs.

Expect Croach® to find the best solution for your Spokane pest control problems:

  • Initial inspection: We search for current pest problems and areas that could become problematic in the future.
  • Solutions: We discuss the best pest control plan to keep pests out of your Spokane home.
  • Treatment and methods: Any questions or concerns about our products or techniques we use? We are always happy to explain what we use and the options you have.

Urban Sprawl Brings Fresh Problems

As we continue to grow and build new communities in the Spokane area, new pest problems are created. Digging for new foundations, roads, or even repairs will destroy the burrows or hiding places of rats and mice. They scurry off to find a new place and that is often on your property. The fastest and easiest place for them to find shelter is your garage, shed, or crawlspace. An active rodent control system is your best defense against infestation.

Croach 5 Star Review - Spokane, WA Pest Control "Excellent service! On time and on point delivery! Great customer service! Friendly and proficient service techs!"
Taylor - Spokane, WA

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Free Pest Inspection

Croach® provides service in all Spokane neighborhoods, including Bemiss, Chief Garry Park, Hillyard, Logan, University District, Minnehaha, Nevada Heights, Shiloh Hills, Whitman, South Perry, Brown’s Addition, Cliff/Cannon, West Hills, Five Mile Prairie, North Hill, and West Central.

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