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Efficient pest control doesn't begin or end with eradicating the pests. Understanding the Beaverton climate and the local species of bugs plays a major role in Croach's approach to pest control. Getting rid of your particular pest is only one part of the solution.

When you sign up for a service agreement with Croach, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are actively preventing a re-infestation of your Beaverton home.

Your Beaverton Neighborhood Pest Control Service

Croach likes Beaverton enough that we serve Oregon from our office here. The moderate weather may mean pests are active year-round, but it also allows great opportunities to explore the town. How many cities can brag that residents have access to 95 parks and 70 miles of hiking trails?

Call us crazy, but when it comes to climbing walls we prefer the activities at Revolution Parkour to spiders and ants clinging to our homes. For the night owls, the annual Beaverton Night Market is a great destination and gives you a chance to see the nocturnal pests like mice, rats, and spiders, outside where they belong, when you head out.

Ready to be Pest Free?

Say good riddance to ants, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, bees and wasps.

Additional Beaverton home pest control services include stink bugs, silverfish, springtails, deer mice, carpenter ants, emerald ash borers, and more crawling, flying, and stinging insects.

Family owned and operated, Croach® is invested in the Beaverton community with experienced pest extermination and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Control - Croach - Seattle, WA - Stink bug on stickResidents of Beaverton are all too familiar with these pests. These flying insects are not technically guaranteed. However, we have found that our Oregon customers deal with their return every year.

Call us if they are covering your exterior walls between regular treatments.

Mice and Rats

Pest Control - Croach - Beaverton, OR - Rat Mouse Chewing on house wiringAll pests create problems, but none more so than mice and rats. Because they are warm-blooded mammals like us, they seek out warmth and shelter during fall and winter. They will typically nest in your walls and roof cavity. Rats and mice are well known for gnawing through electrical wiring and PVC pipes, which could cause a lethal house fire or water damage to your property.

Common rodents in the Portland area include the house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rats.

Deer Mice

Mouse Control - Croach - Beaverton, OR - Brown Deer MouseThis rodent takes its name from its markings. The white underbelly and brown/tan coat look like those of a deer. The deer mouse is an extremely dangerous rodent. It is a known carrier of the hantavirus, as well as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis.

Due to the danger they pose to humans, we recommend leaving their eradication and removal to Croach. Our highly-trained technicians are experts in dealing with this species.

Roof Rats

Mouse Control - Croach - Seattle, WA - Roof Rat sitting on hanging lanternThe roof rat is also commonly known as the Black Rat. It has cemented its place in history as one of the most despised pests as it was the carrier of the Oriental rat flea, which was the cause of the Bubonic Plague.

Like other species of rats, they are known carriers of diseases such as toxoplasmosis, Well's disease, and others. Like other rodents, the roof rat has adapted itself to the Beaverton environment. Croach technicians are trained to identify the presence of roof rats and other species of rodents.

Our eradication process, combined with our re-infestation prevention methods, will ensure you and your family remain safe.

Free Pest Inspection

Value-packed Professional Pest Control Process

Your Croach® professional technician will provide you with numerous benefits:

✅ Initial service. On the first visit, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your home. We want to hear from you - questions, concerns, and known trouble spots.

✅ Personal treatment plan. We'll offer tips, address health and safety, describe treatment options, and explain how our service works. We will treat your home inside and out according to your needs to flush pests out of the property.

✅ First regular service. We provide follow-up one month after the initial service. By then, most pests will have left the property, and further treatment is applied to form a protective barrier to the outside of your home. This barrier will eliminate stubborn pests, break the pests’ breeding cycles, and prevent future infestations.

✅ Regular services. We conduct regular services every two months to keep the barrier active and treat potential new problems. It is vital to maintaining the two-month cycle because pesticides break down after 60 days and you run the risk of re-infestation.

Croach® Pest Control Service Guarantee
If a problem occurs between scheduled, warrantied service visits, Croach® will re-treat your home free of charge.

Interior Treatment
Croach recommends interior treatment once a year, even if you see no evidence of pests inside. If your home has an interior crawlspace entrance, we must occasionally access it to check and reset traps for your rodent plan.

Beaverton, Oregon Pest Control Reviews


Croach 5 Star Review - Beaverton Pest Control "Jonathan thank you for being so professional and thorough, and for your thoughtful consideration of our pets in keeping the fleas and ticks at bay! The work you do is always above par and appreciated."
Kirsten - Beaverton, OR

Croach 5 Star Review - Beaverton Pest Control "John Mattson has been amazing with his services. He comes and is professional and does a thorough job. I would suggest Croach and John Mattson to anyone looking for pest control. They do not hard sell or try to talk you into upgrading you into services you do not need."
Kim - Beaverton, OR

Croach 5 Star Review - Beaverton Pest Control "Service technician Aaron Dennis came out to assess our needs and perform our first service, I found him to be very prompt, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Aaron explained what pest control services would be performed, how he would be doing them and then thoroughly treated the house inside, outside, above and below. This is the 3rd home I have used Croach services for and I continue to be satisfied."
Tony - Beaverton, OR

Cost-effective, Long-term Pest Control Solutions

Croach Pest Control Technicians - Beaverton, OregonAfter the initial service, it is common to see an increase in pest activity. This increase indicates that they are leaving the property, so don't panic!

Many people believe that a one-time treatment will solve their pest problem. However, insects and rodents are resilient and will try to re-enter the property after the pesticide has broken down.

Regular treatment will ensure that the protective barrier around your home is maintained to keep them out.

Schedule an inspection online for professional, personalized Beaverton, Oregon pest control services.

Beaverton Pest Control Near Me

Croach® proudly serves the Beaverton neighborhoods SW Canyon Rd/SW Canyon Dr, SW Cormorant Dr/SW 160th Ave, Cedar Hills/West Slope, NW Bronson Rd/NW Bethany Blvd, SW Estuary Dr/SW 167th Ave, SW 155th Ave/SW Rigert Rd, SW 175th Ave/SW Scholls Ferry Rd, West Haven/Oregon College of Art and Craft, Oak Hills, and SW Hialeah Dr/SW Pimlico Ter. No matter where you are in Beaverton, we’re minutes away.

Live Pest Free in Beaverton!

Our family-run business puts your peace of mind first. Embrace a relaxed, gracious lifestyle in Beaverton, confident that your local pest control service has your back.

Call Croach® today at (503) 430-5974 or schedule your inspection online.

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