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The comfortable temperatures we maintain in our homes is a welcome sign to bugs, insects, and rodents.
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South Salt Lake City Pest Control Services by Croach®

Get rid of ants, cockroaches, mice and rats, silverfish, spiders, wasps and other stinging, biting, crawling, and flying pests. We serve South Salt Lake City residents in single-family homes, apartments, HOAs, and commercial buildings.

Why Do You Need Professional Exterminators?

In South Salt Lake City, we keep our homes at the perfect temperature for us AND insects all of the time. This means pest control problems develop quickly and lead to infestations. Our homes are not too hot in summer, and not too cold in winter. These comfortable temperatures mean extended life cycles for rodents and insects if we allow them to move in with us.

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The Biggest Pest Control Problems in South Salt Lake City?

Sure, rats, mice, ants, and spiders invade our homes in South Salt Lake. But you may be surprised to learn which insects require some of the most pest control in the area.

Pantry Pests
In the South Salt Lake City region, most families consider themselves ready for short-term self-sufficiency during natural disasters or other emergencies. One of these preparations is storing non-perishable food in our homes.

However, keeping insects out of our food storage is a challenge. With expert Croach® Pest Control exterminators on your side, you will not need to worry about these 'pantry pests'.

Carpet Beetles
Did you know that the most common household pest sent into the University of Utah Extension Office for identification is the carpet beetle?

The carpet beetle, also known as the warehouse beetle, is one of a group of insects known as one of your 'pantry pests'. These insects find their way into food storage, consuming, contaminating, and multiplying in groceries like flour, rice, and pasta. They don't just live in the pantry. They thrive throughout the house, devouring anything from the carpets covering our floors to the clothes we store from season to season.

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The Best Bug Guy!

Corey is the best bug guy! Every time he comes out he cleans any new webs and inspects for new wasp nests. He is so thorough in his treatment and only treats what I ask him to. He is nice to my animals and makes sure he never leaves my gates open. I would recommend Croach to anyone looking for some bug/rodent help! Thanks Corey! - Read More from Stacey S.

Croach Pest Control Reviews - Stars 150

Extra Care to Personalize Our Service

Austin cleaned out spider webs in the window wells and sprayed them for spiders. He sprayed under the deck for the wasps and hornets. He carefully treated the flowerbeds and garden for earwigs and other pests. He sprayed the entire foundation, the windows and the eves. Looking forward to no more spiders, yellow jackets, and earwigs. Both Austin and Isaac assured us they would take extra care because our chickens and beehives. We appreciate the extra time and attention to personalize our service. - Read More from B. Bailey

Finger-Lickin' Good South Salt Lake City History

Home of the First Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise!

Anyone who cooks knows that insects get into stored food, and it is a disgusting and costly experience. Even the best-kept pantry sometimes needs professional help from Croach® Pest Control.

World-famous brand ambassador Colonel Harland Sanders and Pete Harman, owner of the acclaimed Do Drop Inn restaurant in South Salt Lake City, opened the first KFC franchise in 1952. Pete and the Colonel collaborated to develop the highly successful KFC franchise model.

Pete is also credited with coining the company's motto 'finger-lickin' good' as well as the concept of packaging fried chicken in buckets. But it was a local sign painter, Rodney Anderson, who suggested changing the original name from Utah Fried Chicken to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He said it would evoke southern hospitality, or maybe he was paid to paint by the letter! That first KFC franchise is still frying chicken, and also houses the Harman Cafe Kentucky Fried Chicken Museum. Pest control is essential in the food service industry to ensure the quality and safety of food.

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