Aphids, Psyllids, Spider Mites and Leaf Miners are just a few of the insects that delight in turning our beautiful plants into devastation. Learn tips for controlling garden pests on our blog.

These 4 Bugs are Really Good for Us

Do you ever wonder why certain bugs and insects even exist? Like, what purpose could they possibly serve except to annoy us? Well, some bugs truly are beneficial to human beings and our world. Learn about four bugs we love and what purpose they serve in the ecosystem. Honey Bees Did you know that, without honey bees and other pollinating insects, the world would lose about one-third of its food supply? We’re talking about vegetables, fruits, and foliage (like clover … Read More

How to Get Rid of Garden Tomato Pests

How to Identify, Prevent, and Eliminate Garden Tomato Pests You may be surprised about how many insects take delight in turning your beautiful tomato plants into devastation. Learn what tomato pests are attacking or infesting your garden and what you can do about it. Common Tomato Pests Chewed stems indicate tomato cutworms. Defoliation is associated with tomato and tobacco hornworms. Should you find holes in the leaves, flea beetles are to blame. Aphids are responsible for yellowed, curled leaves. Psyllids … Read More

Western Spruce Budworm Caterpillar Pest Control

Caterpillar Pest Control There is a disaster happening in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Idaho! You may not believe it but it is all caused by a small caterpillar named a western spruce budworm. It is when the budworm is in its larvae state that you need to be concerned. The larvae are usually a pale shade of green with some black spots. The budworm causes all its damage when it is in this larvae state before it turns into … Read More

Hire an Early Bird for Garden Pest Control

If you want to use natural garden pest control to keep pests from your garden this season, you want to invite lots of birds to your yard. You can’t make the birds stay but you can do things to encourage them to stick around your area. Make your garden and property a place that birds want to be and you can benefit from birds eating the pesky critters systematically eating away at your garden! Birds have great eyesight and the … Read More