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How To Get Rid of Voles?

Do I Have Voles?

What is Making Trails in My Yard?

If you are finding a maze of winding trails in your yard, chances are, you have voles.

Every year after the snow thawed in my back yard, I would find these trails through my yard where no grass was growing.

I would have to reseed these trails and wait a few weeks for my yard to look normal again. I had voles feeding on my grass all winter. They feed on stems and roots so the grass will not come back on its own.

While grass is the preferred meal for voles, they will also eat the roots and stems of your favorite bedding plants.

Let's look at the signs, and how to get rid of voles.

Signs of Voles and Vole Damage

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How Do You Know if You Have Voles?

Voles are smaller than gophers or moles, the other subterranean rodents known for landscape destruction. A vole looks a lot like a field mouse, but more stout with a small tail, smaller eyes, and the ears are less pronounced.

They live below ground in shallow burrows with entrance holes about the size of a golf ball. They won’t leave the telltale mounds of dirt left by gophers and moles.

You’re not likely to see any of these critters in person, though, so your best determination will come from the damage done to your yard.

How to Get Rid of Voles

There are DIY products on the market which I have never had luck with, and if you have children or pets, these products can be worrisome. You can also find advice all over the internet, some good, and some a little crazy.

The fact is, subterranean pests are some of the most elusive and difficult to deal with. Just ask Carl Spackler.

Voles, like most rodents, are prolific breeders, and the population can explode if steps aren’t taken to control them. Your best defense is to call for professional pest control.

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