Pest Infested Wall, Attic, and Crawl Space

Rodent Control - Croach - Seattle, WA - Setting Trap in Pest Infested Crawlspace

One common area of your home that can take a serious hit from pests is your crawl space or attic insulation. Dealing with any type of insect or pest infestation within the walls and attic of your home is frustrating. When these annoying pests start to cause serious damage to your home, stress levels really […]

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Encapsulation – What is it and why is it Important?

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Crawl Space Insulation

Encapsulation Living in the Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver areas offer a beautiful landscape with plenty of rains to keep our gardens, lawn, and forests green and lush. However with that also come high humidity and the problems that are associated. Crawl Space Air Quality Does your home smell musty? Do any of your loved ones […]

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Before and after of crawl space moisture barrier

Moisture Control with Crawl Space Encapsulation Damaged, molding or pest infested crawl spaces can decrease your homes energy efficiency, create foul odors and even risk the structural integrity of your home. Damaging Long-Term Effects of Moisture It can be easy to think “out of sight-out of mind” with a crawl space. But allowing your crawl […]

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Seattle Insulation Repair

Blown Attic Insulation - Kirkland, WA - Croach Insulation Repair

Insulation Repair Saves Energy If your home has damaged, outdated, or simply inadequate insulation, it could be costing you hundreds in heating and cooling costs. According to the US Department of Energy, insulation installation is the number one, most cost-effective way to save money on heating and cooling expenses year round. Typically, adding or repairing […]

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