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Insect Names – Funny Ways Entomologists Name Bugs

There are hundreds of new species discovered each year, so many that there are shelves of specimens awaiting names! Imagine you are an Entomologist that is responsible for the inspection and classification of these many different discoveries.

Not all are insects. Some are ocean creatures, animals, mammals, bacteria, fungus, and plants. It must be a tedious job to inspect each specimen and maybe that is why we find so many humorous names.

The Entomologists are showing a sense of humor with a little personal twist. Some use the names of famous figures in history, movie actors, music artists, fictional characters, or political figures. Often times the name is influenced by what the person looks like or is most known for.

There are names that most of us recognize. For anyone who has an insect or bug out there that shares a name with you must come with mixed emotions. After all, is it a compliment or offense when you are named after a stink bug or a slime mold beetle?

Famous Personalities

* Eristalis gatesi (fly) – Bill Gates

* Litarachra lopezae (mite) – Jennifer Lopez

* Paradonea presleyi (spider) – Elvis Presley

* Pinkfloydia (spider) – Pink Floyd

* Aptostichus angelinajolieae (spider) – Angelina Jolie

* Bumba lennoni (spider) – John Lennon

Humorous Insect Names

Then there are the names that are just funny. The list is entertaining and endless!

* Cixius nervosus (nervous)

* Edwardsiana frustrator

* Evacanthus interruptus

* Agra vation

* Pieza kake (fly) – piece of cake!

Gross Insect Names

And last but certainly not least, there are some on the rude side!

* Enema Pan (rhinoceros beetle)

* Colon rectum (beetle)

* Texananus (leafhopper). – It sounds like this entomologist is not a Texas fan!

Perhaps someday you will be the lucky one to welcome a famous visitor! But, hopefully, it’s a real live person – not the insect variety. 

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