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Prepping for Spring Time

Spring Time Pests

There are many types of pests that mate and hatch during the spring, which makes it the perfect time to notice an increase in bugs around your Seattle, Portland and Denver home and workplace!

If you are like most people you want to do whatever you can to prevent these pests from getting in. Fortunately, there are many do-it-yourself things that can be done to prepare your home and business now to avoid these incoming spring time pests once the weather warms up.

April is National Pest Management Month

Steps to Discourage Spring Time Pests

Clean Up

Pest Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Discourage Spring Time Pests - Clean up piles of leaves near houseMake sure that you clean up leaf and mulch piles that may be around your home or business.

This means any pile of outdoor debris that can be used as a place for pests to make a home near where you live and work.

This will deter them from stopping on your property and staying for a while as they are passing through town and looking for a new home.

Seal Up

Go around the exterior of your home or business searching for any cracks and crevices that may be an entry point for pests looking to make their way into the interior of your building.

You can apply a small line of caulk purchased from your local hardware store to seal up any cracks. Caulk comes in many colors and even clear so that it will not be noticeable.

Close Up

When you are thinking about airing out your home or office once the nicer weather arrives, make sure that you have tight screens on your windows so that you aren’t leaving exposed areas that are just perfect for small bugs to crawl in.

You can also add weather stripping around window screens and under door jams to ensure a tight fit when the screen or door is shut. You also need to be sure that the screens have no holes or tears in them. If they do, you can get a replacement kit and rescreen in a small amount of time.

Put Up

Pest Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Control Spring Time Pests - Sealed mason jar with white lidMake sure that your food and water is put up and sealed tight. Having food out on the counters overnight is a great way to tell pests that they are welcome to make a home there too.

You want to make sure that any open food is sealed securely in bags or containers.

Also ensuring that the floors, counters, and dishes are swept and washed will keep small amounts of food – that can be a feast for a small bug – out of the way.

You can also make sure that you wipe off sticky container tops like on syrup and honey bottles since they can easily attract ants that are really hard to keep out once they start marching in.

Seasonal Pest Control Services

Croach® provides seasonal pest control to target pests whatever the time of year. Contact us to schedule an inspection and treatment for all the general household pests you may encounter in the Seattle and Portland areas this Spring.

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