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Clover Mites

What are these Tiny Red Bugs?

Those tiny red bugs you see outside on the patio, on foliage, and sometimes in your window sills, they’re clover mites. To the naked eye, they appear like tiny bright red spiders.

Breeding and Feeding Habits of Clover Mites

Clover mites are parthenogenetic, meaning they develop from unfertilized eggs and their population is entirely female. One generation lasts about one month and as many as six generations will hatch each year during the warm months.

Each clover mite will lay about 70 eggs in dry protected areas. Overwintering eggs will wait for temperatures to rise and hatch in late spring to summer. Interestingly, each offspring is genetically identical to the mother.

They are geotropic, so when they hatch, they simply drop down and begin to feed on vegetation. They feed on herbaceous plants which encompass grasses and most of the annuals and many of the perennials we all use to brighten up our outdoor living spaces.

If you are interested in learning more about the clover mite's life cycle, the University of Missouri Extension has a good article.

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Can Clover Mites Harm Humans?

No, clover mites are not harmful to humans. Though they are from the same family of bugs as spiders and ticks, they do not feed on humans the way some other mites do.  They are considered a nuisance pest and most of us do not want them crawling all over our house.

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Are Clover Mites Harmful To the House?

Clover mites are not harmful to your house, though they may cause house plants and outdoor plants to wither. They are a nuisance, and it can seem like an infestation when they get in, especially around windows.  Avoid squishing them as they will leave little red stains. Instead, vacuum them up and dispose of them in an outside trash receptacle.

How Do I Keep Clover Mites From Getting In My House?

They get in your house through tiny cracks and crevices, which is why they are most often found around windows. Thousands of these pests can suddenly appear, causing homeowners to scramble for a quick solution. To prevent an invasion, caulk around windows and doors and address any cracks in the foundation. Maintaining a space free of grass and weeds at least 18 inches from the home is also a good idea.

What Are Clover Mites Attracted To?

Clover mites tend to prefer lawn grasses, clover, and annuals; but they will also feed on ornamental shrubs and trees. They are attracted to warmth, so they will be most prevalent on the sun facing side of your home. They are extremely sensitive to temperature and will not survive in temps under 75°F. However, they do not survive in extreme heat either. They can only withstand temperatures under 102°F.

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How Do I Get Rid of Clover Mites?

Using a pest control company like Croach® is your best defense against nuisance pests like clover mites. With regular treatments from Croach®, your home will maintain a barrier around it to keep pests out; and if they do appear between services, we will re-treat, for free.

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