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Bee Season – Stings, Swarms, and Hives

Warmer weather means that bees are beginning to swarm and build new hives and even move into new neighborhoods.

Bee Stings

While March is typically the very start of when the bees begin to become more active, it is spring and summertime when most bee stings occur and when most swarms are happening.

As warmer weather begins to be more of an everyday occurrence, there is an increased possibility of coming into contact with bees. Bee stings can be a painful and frightening experience, especially if it is a child who is stung.

Although most bee stings are only a painful pinch, there are some situations where it can become a serious health risk, especially if the person stung experiences an allergic reaction, which can lead to a fatality.

Bee Hive Locations

It is important to always be on the lookout for a beehive. Bees have been known to build their hives close to homes or even attach them directly to houses. On patio decks, along with house siding or under the eaves of a home.

If bees have built a hive onto or near your home, it is important to call in a professional to remove the hive. Attempting to do this on your own is very dangerous and will potentially put you in a situation that will cause you or your family harm. Never try to remove a beehive without the help of a professional who is experienced in bee control.

Bee Swarms

Swarms of bees are different than those that have built a hive to live in. A bee swarm is a large homeless group of bees that move from one place to another. When swarming, they often get too tired or too hot and will find a place to rest and stay out of the sun as long as they can.

Many times a bee swarm will find retreat on a tree branch, street sign, fence or the sides of a building. They have even been known to rest on top of a fire hydrant. They are similar to birds resting on a telephone wire – they just want to be left alone and rest.

A swarm of bees will not sting unless provoked. However, they are easily irritated and will attack if they feel any type of threat.

Bee Season and Professional Bee Control

Proper bee control must be performed by a professional who is familiar with bee activity and management. Croach® has the proper skills and experience when it comes to dealing with bees.

If there are bees near your home or close to a place where you or your family feel threatened by their presence, contact Croach® today. Our technicians are experienced in removing hives properly and protecting you and your family from any potential stings.

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