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Insulation Repair Saves Energy

If your home has damaged, outdated, or simply inadequate insulation, it could be costing you hundreds in heating and cooling costs.

According to the US Department of Energy, insulation installation is the number one, most cost-effective way to save money on heating and cooling expenses year-round. Typically, adding or repairing insulation pays for itself in 3 years from reducing heat and cooling costs by 20%. But how does insulation make a home more energy efficient?

How Insulation Repair Cuts Energy Expense

Insulation cuts heating and cooling expenses by reducing the loss of conditioned air, hot or cold, by preventing it from flowing to other parts of the home. One way of doing this is by, for example, installing Hardie board siding as it is long-lasting, energy-efficient, adds insulation, more comfort in the house, meaning lower heating and cooling bills.

In essence, heat flows from warmer to colder areas until there is no longer a temperature difference. This means that heat moves from bedrooms, the living room, dining room, etc, and flows into your basement, attic, crawl space, and garage.

The job of insulation is to slow conductive heat flow by providing resistance against the natural flow of energy. In Washington, this is most effective when added to the attic, crawl space, garage, and exterior walls of a home.

Average Annual Cost of Energy

Yearly energy expenditures in Oregon and Washington are below the national average, but the energy expenditure per person is still over $3,000.

In Portland, energy expenditures per person are an average of $3,135 per year while in Seattle the average is $3,150.

Of those energy costs, heating and cooling usually account for 50-70%, with the typical US family spending $1,500 a year on utility bills. Adding attic insulation or repairing crawl space insulation will not only save money right now on energy bills, but it can also increase the market value of a home on a whole.

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