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Encapsulation – What is it and why is it Important?


Living in the Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver areas offer a beautiful landscape with plenty of rains to keep our gardens, lawn, and forests green and lush. However with that also come high humidity and the problems that are associated.

Crawl Space Air Quality

  • Does your home smell musty?
  • Do any of your loved ones suffer from allergies?
  • Do you have more than your share of children with respiratory problems?
  • Experience insect infestations?

All of these issues could possibly be due to some problems happening in the crawl space of the home. With humidity come wood-rot, termites, mold growth, foul odors and structural damage.

Often times, your first clue may just be the foul or musty odor that is permeating your home and creating poor air quality.

Crawl Space Pest Infestation

That damp, dark area known as the crawl space is prime real-estate for termites and other wood-boring insects as well as countless other pests. Simple venting of a crawl space is not always effective in keeping problems from developing.

Croach® offers inspection of your crawl space by one of our expert technicians to assess any obvious damage or infestations and offer you solutions to stop the damage!

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Encapsulation Improves Air Quality

Encapsulation provides your crawl space area with a vapor barrier that can seal out moisture, resulting in improved air quality, energy efficiency and less future infestations.

Croach® is able to offer encapsulation as part of our comprehensive approach to pest management! Our technicians are experienced in pest management and services that will protect your home from future problems with pests and much more!

Call Croach® today to inspect your crawl space, offering you solutions to any concerns, and protecting the integrity of your home!

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