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More Pest Control Myths: What’s True, What’s Not!

Over the years, we’ve heard just about every pest control myth you can imagine. With summer just around the corner, you may be wondering which stories are true and which are not. Read along as we separate the truth from the myth.

Pest Control Myth vs Truth

Myth: Cockroaches only live in unclean places.

Truth: Although these insects like it dirty, they can thrive anywhere. A tidy home will do, as long as they have easy access to food.

Myth: Clean homes are clear of pests.

Truth: As hinted in the previously covered pest control myth, even spotless homes can be plagued by pests. They just need a reliable source of food and water.

Myth: Bees can only sting once, then die.

Truth: While this may be true of bees, other stinging insects can attack you with their pointy ends repeatedly.

Myth: Electronic pest repellents are effective at keeping bugs away.

Truth: These devices supposedly use ultrasonic waves to chase pests out of your home, but don’t believe the hype! There’s no evidence that they work. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a suit against the manufacturers of these devices.

Myth: Hardware stores can supply everything you’ll need to solve your pest control problem.

Truth: The products available to you at hardware stores can range from somewhat effective to borderline fraudulent (like those electronic pest repellents we mentioned above).

And the pesticides you can buy there are much weaker and less specialized than the professional grade products that we’re licensed to use.

Think of it like going to a pharmacy and being limited to over the counter medicine vs. consulting with a professional, and getting a prescription for the good stuff.

Myth: You will never need professional pest control.

Truth: We’ve covered this topic several times on our blog already – DIY vs Professional Pest Control. And while there are several do-it-yourself options you can try, they’re often just short-term solutions, costing you more money in the long run.

The truth is, some things are better left to the professionals! We will treat your home with our professional grade products, which will be applied carefully, judiciously, and using the most effective methods.

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