Are Hobo Spiders Dangerous?

It's true that Hobo spiders behave more aggressively than other spider species. Bites most often occur because of bad eyesight (they mistake pet and human contact as prey), a fear of predators or starvation, and when their web is disturbed (especially when they are protecting egg sacs).

Hobo Spider Bite and Treatment

The danger of a Hobo spider bite is under debate. While most experts no longer believe it is necrotic, there are many incidents where blisters and skin problems have occurred. Therefore, Hobo spider bites are considered medically significant.

A healthy adult can treat a Hobo spider bite by gently but thoroughly washing the area and applying an ice pack. If blisters appear, pain increases, nausea, or cognitive issues occur you should seek medical attention.

Small children, elderly people, the chronically or currently ill should seek medical attention as they are more susceptible to danger. Due to inconclusive answers about the bite, Croach® recommends seeing a doctor, to be safe, no matter what.

Where are Hobo Spiders Found?

Hobo Spider image - picture of hobo spider close up - Portland, Oregon - Croach Pest ControlThey are native to Europe, but hitched rides to America in the 1930s, and succeeded in displacing many of our native spider species here.

Hobo spiders build webs around train tracks, in fields, and in quiet hiding spots inside homes.

You can find Hobo spiders and other species you don't want taking up residence in your home across the Croach® service area.

Seattle, Washington

The Hobo spider calls Washington home, along with the Western Black Widow, the Brown Recluse, and the Yellow Sac spider.

Portland, Oregon

The Black Widow spider is by far the most dangerous found in Oregon. Also watch out for its cousin, the Brown spider.

Denver, Colorado

Tarantulas live in Colorado. Although they aren’t considered dangerous, a bite can be painful. Tarantulas have hairs all along their bodies, which are known to cause irritations.

Post Falls and Boise, Idaho

Late summer and early fall are considered spider season in Idaho. You will encounter more spider webs than usual during this time. Idaho is also home to the False Black Widow Spider. Similar to regular Black Widows, its bite is significantly less painful but still considered medically significant.

Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina

The Hobo spider lives in homes across South Carolina, along with two other species whose bite is considered medically significant, the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's desert climate makes it an ideal habitat for the Camel spider (which grows up to six inches long, but does not cause a medically significant bite). Stay clear of the Brown Recluse, Wolf Spider, Hobo spider, Black Widow, and Yellow Sac spiders in Utah.

Hobo Spider - are hobo spiders dangerous?
Hobo Spider

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Brown Recluse

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Wolf Spider

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House Spider

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Hobo Spider Identification

A Hobo spider is often mistaken for the brown recluse, wolf spider, or other common house spider.

A Hobo spider is brown with darker brown markings on its thorax. It may have yellowish markings on its abdomen and small soft hairs that lay flat against its body (hard to see without magnification).

Males and females have small palps near their jaw that look like boxing gloves. The palps are tiny enough to go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Spiders That Look Like Hobo Spiders

  • Wolf Spider
  • Grass Spider
  • Brown Recluse
  • Funnel Weaver Spider

The easiest way to identify a Hobo spider is to note the lack of rings around their legs, and markings that other species often have. They are poor climbers and fast runners.

Croach® Spider Control

A Hobo spider (often called aggressive house spiders) builds a funnel-shaped web. The large end is usually anchored between two solid objects. The smaller end normally leads to an escape route into a crack or hole.

The male Hobo spider will travel during the day in search of a female mate, which is most often when humans encounter it. They build webs in low, out of the way, dark places. The web is not sticky, but trips their prey, which they then attack and devour.

We customize our Hobo spider control to your home. It always includes:

  • Inspection with individual plan and proposal
  • Initial treatment to remove webs and eliminate existing spiders, including interior
  • First regular treatment thirty days later, breaks egg cycle and eliminates remaining spiders
  • Regular treatments to apply product and remove webs, frequency dependent on severity (critical with exterior arachnids like the Hobo spider)
  • Complimentary retreats when necessary
  • Interior treatments upon request

Ready to get rid of Hobo spiders in your home? Croach® pest control services also exterminate black widows, yellow sac spiders, and other spider species.

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