Types of Ants in Portland, Oregon

Ant Control - Croach - Portland, Oregon - Types of Ants in PortlandAnts are one of the most common and prolific pests worldwide. Portland is host to many ant species that bite, sting, swarm and destroy property.

Different species and levels of ant infestation require different ant control methods. Retail products may be successful in killing some of the ants. But, this only fragments the colony, creating a larger problem.

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Are Ants Invading Your Portland Home?

Below are some of the most common types of ants in the local area. Our Beaverton technicians are exceptionally skilled in exterminating any level of infestation of ants in the house.

Carpenter Ants

Ant Control - Croach - Portland, OR - Ants in Oregon on woodLiving in water-damaged wood, Carpenter Ants are destructive to your home. It generally requires repeat treatments to eliminate Carpenter Ants.

All the colonies, as well as all the queens, must be removed or your ant problem will return.

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Velvety Tree Ants

Named for their black, velvety abdomen, they share traits with carpenter ants. While they prefer trees, they will form colonies in damp wall voids.

Moisture Ants

Portland Ant Control - Moisture Ants - Croach Pest Control - Portland, ORMoisture Ants are all too common indoors and difficult to eliminate.

They are also known as sugar ants or odorous house ants.

Crazy Ants

Named for their rapid, erratic motions, Crazy Ants are small and numerous. They love to swarm your food.

Red Harvester Ants

Red Harvester Ants are primarily seed eaters. They have massive jaws (for an ant) and will bite aggressively. Red Harvester Ants also have stingers. Their sting can be hazardous to people with insect allergies.

Fire Ants

Ant Control - Croach - Portland, Oregon - Fire AntsImported to the area, Fire Ants have a painful sting. Avoid these ants outdoors.

If you see signs of ant activity inside your home, Fire Ants could be the culprit. They do build nests inside unexpected areas, such as electrical systems.

Portland ants are both a nuisance and a threat to people and property. The ants you see at your house could be visiting. Move them along by making food and water sources scarce.

You might be seeing the activity of new nests. A healthy colony could contain thousands of workers once fully established. Don't let the ants get that far. If you already have a full ant infestation, extermination is urgently needed.

Contact Croach® for a free estimate consultation. We will provide a customized treatment plan specific to Portland area ants.