How to Get Rid of Spiders Near Portland

You might expect to see some spiders while out hiking the beautiful trails at Forest Park, but you don’t want them in or around your home. Unless, of course, you are part of the Paxton Gate crowd and like your creepy crawlies pinned under glass.

For most, spiders are a source of anxiety, and sometimes can even be dangerous. If you want to get rid of spiders, here’s what you need to know about spider control.

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Types of Spiders in Portland, Oregon

There are over 500 species of spiders in Oregon, but four are prevalent in the Portland area.

Hobo Spider (Eratigena agrestis)

The Hobo Spider can vary in appearance, making identification difficult. Most often, they are light brown with tan and black markings. The aggression and toxicity level of the Hobo spider bites has long been debated. The CDC claims it can cause isolated cases of necrosis in people, though Hobo spiders are not listed among venomous species.

At first, a bite from this spider may go unnoticed.  After an hour the site may become red, swollen, and hardened. After 24 hours, the area may discharge fluid and eventually turn black.

Giant House Spider (Tegenaria gigantea)

The Giant House Spider looks similar to the Hobo Spider, though larger in size. A house spider bite may hurt for a short time, but does not cause a severe reaction.

House spiders live in dark corners and crevices (floors and ceilings) where they are unlikely to be disturbed. They cast large flat webs with a funnel used for quick attacks or an escape route. House spiders are fast runners with speeds clocked at 1.73 feet per second.

Yellow Sac Spider

Spider Control - Croach - Portland, Oregon - Types of spiders in PortlandThere are several hundred species of the Yellow Sac Spider. While technically an outdoor spider, we commonly find it indoors during Portland’s cooler weather. The Yellow Sac common to the Portland area are pale yellow to a yellowish-green with few other markings.

As with the Hobo Spider, there are varied reports of the level of toxicity of its bite. An employee at the Oregon Department of Agriculture reported a bite, painful for a short time, that caused a small red welt and itched for about a week.

A bite from this spider causes an immediate stinging sensation like that from a hornet sting and a small red welt which may blister.

Black Widow Spider

Spider Control - Croach - Portland, Oregon - Types of spiders in PortlandBlack Widow Spiders are the most harmful spiders in Portland. They are identifiable by the dark black glossy body with a red spot on the underside in the shape of an hourglass.

This spider’s venom causes symptoms such as muscle cramps, nausea, profuse perspiration, tremors, fever, labored breathing, and restlessness. Most bites from this spider cause minor tissue damage and may not be noticeable for 4 to 8 hours after the bite.

The bite site is mildly red and, with close inspection, may reveal fang marks. Within a few hours, the area will have a red ring or “bulls-eye” appearance.

What to Do If You Get Bitten By a Spider

If you suspect you have been bitten by a Black Widow, Hobo, or any other type of spider, try to save the specimen and seek medical attention. While most spider bites are not fatal, it is always best to receive medical care to avoid adverse effects.

  • Clean the area with mild soap and water
  • Apply cold compress
  • Elevate the site of the bite
  • Save the specimen
  • Seek medical attention

Spider Infestation Prevention in Portland

What will keep spiders away? Preventing an infestation of spiders in and around your home or business involves eliminating what they most need for survival – food and shelter.

  • Keep floors swept and mopped
  • Dust and vacuum carpet, corners, ledges, and furniture
  • Eliminate trash and clutter
  • Inspect firewood (and anything else stored outdoors) before bringing it inside
  • Seal entry points
  • Get ongoing professional pest control. Since spiders often eat other pests, having spiders can indicate other infestations to address by a professional.

Spider Control in Portland

If you have ever tried, you know it is next to impossible to get rid of spiders without the help of experts. Many DIY products used to kill spiders are mostly ineffective and unsafe. Even if you can get them to vacate the area for a time, spiders are likely to return.

It is their resilient nature that makes ongoing and professional treatment necessary, and why a onetime extermination approach only worsens the problem.

Croach® offers a specialized and thorough approach to getting rid of spiders that includes:

  • A professional inspection and development of a customized approach to treating your spider problem.
  • Initial treatment to brush away spider webs and egg sacs from eaves and application of product to the base of the structure outside and inside as necessary. Glue boards are used to catch stragglers.
  • Regular and ongoing treatment to keep pests away.

The professional technicians at Croach® use pest control and prevention techniques versus one-time extermination. Call us at (855) 488-7378 or contact us for a free inspection and get rid of spiders in your Portland home.

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