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Wasp Removal Near Portland - Croach Pest Control ServicesWasp removal is a general term Portland homeowners use for getting rid of one of many types of wasps including yellow jackets and hornets.

Wasps are drawn to the Portland area by factors including weather, water, food supply, nesting, and mating opportunities. There are significant differences in the behavior of these pesky stinging insects versus their beneficial bee-pollinating cousins.

So the first step is wasp identification to ensure an appropriate treatment method.

Common Portland area wasps include:

  • Horntail
  • Potter
  • Spider Wasp
  • Squarehead
  • Thread-Waisted
  • Weevil
  • Yellow Jacket

Get to Know Your Local Wasp Population

Avoid Wasp Stings!

Avoid a dangerous wasp encounter with these tips:

Paper Wasp - Bee Removal and Control - Seattle, WA - Croach

  1. When you know wasps are around, wear light, muted shades of clothing. Bright colors resemble wasp food. Dark colors resemble wasp predators and may inspire them to attack.
  2. Wear tight-fitting clothing when treading through wasp territory. This prevents wasps from flying up your sleeves.
  3. Reduce strong smells such as perfume, strong soaps, or fragrant shampoos. It's especially important to eliminate fruity shampoos. Again, you don't want to smell like wasp food!
  4. Never swat at a wasp. This will anger them and make them even more likely to sting.

When confronted with a wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket, it's best to move slowly out of the area. If you spot a wasp nest, call Croach® so we can remove it for you safely.


Swarms are large groups of wasps in flight, or hanging from branches or roofs. If you see a swarm, contact a local beekeeper for removal. Then schedule a free pest inspection and let us know you want to include wasp removal and prevention.

Wasp Nests

Wasp Nest - Pest Control Services for Wasp RemovalWasps Nests vary in size and location depending on the wasp species.

For instance, paper wasps prefer umbrella-shaped nests that hang from rafters, eaves, and branches.

Yellow Jackets build nests underground or in hollow spaces.

Portland Wasp Removal by Croach®

Whether you are dealing with an established wasp nest or have a single interaction with wasps on your property, our technician will recommend and perform the best treatment. We will also offer prevention tips so that your property is not as desirable to wasps in the future.

Croach® Wasp Removal Solution

Initial Inspection
A Croach® licensed pest control technician will perform a thorough inspection of your property and discuss potential problems. A customized plan for extermination and ongoing management is presented. Then your home’s interior and exterior are treated to begin pest control services.

Regular Services
Ongoing pest control and management are in your best interest for the health and safety of your home, family, and pets. We will fortify a protective barrier around the outside of your property and apply exclusion methods as needed. Your technician uses environmentally-friendly products whenever possible.

Free Retreats Guarantee
If you experience pest activity in between regularly scheduled services, Croach® will return and retreat the affected areas free of charge. If we have not fixed the problem after two retreats, we will refund your last full payment.

Contact Croach® to get rid of wasps in the Portland area.

Free Pest Inspection
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