Pest Control in King City, OR

Croach® provides pest prevention and elimination services to home and property owners throughout King City, OR. We field a team of expert technicians trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Each of our people is held to the highest standard of customer care, giving you the white glove service you deserve.

King City Residents

While King City continues to expand and draw new residents at an amazing rate, the roots as a planned, age-restricted community are still prevalent. Nearly 45% of King City residents are over retirement age.

Croach Pest Control Technician King City, ORSeniors are some of the most susceptible to the diseases spread by rodents and bites from spiders. Therefore, it is important to apply effective pest control to homes housing older family members.

You can expect our team to be respectful of your time, energy, and need for both peace and a toxin-free environment. Our approach to pest control minimizes the toxins that you're exposed to without sacrificing efficacy.

Local Bug-related Resources

Have a gardening question? - Oregon State University offers a Master Gardener program for residents in the care and growth of local plants. Events include fruit tree pruning, gardening insights, insect identification, and garden tours.

Insect Zoo - The Oregon Zoo is a great place to visit, bring family and friends, and specifically, learn about insects. Wheelchair, stroller and electric scooter rentals are available. The Washington Park and Zoo Railway is a great way to enjoy the many exhibits and events.

Tree Diseases and Pests - The City of Portland provides information and resources about common tree diseases and pests. For instance, you can learn about Anthracnose, Dutch Elm disease, aphids, Elm leaf beetles, and several species of caterpillar.

King City Pest Extermination and Prevention

Your initial visit:

✅ Inspect. Your home is thoroughly inspected to find current pest problems and locate conditions that may contribute to future problems.

✅ Review. We come to you with our results and offer solutions to resolve your pest issues.

✅ Explain. We review our treatment products, methods and safety measures.

Free Pest Inspection

King City, Oregon Pest Control Reviews

Croach 5 Star Reviews - King City, OR Pest Control "We've been customers for over 2 years now and still consider them professional, responsive, and great quality. Cyrus services our house and does a great job."

Croach 5 Star Reviews - King City, OR Pest Control "I have been a Croach customer for over two years now after they were recommended by my neighbor. I have always been pleased with the exceptional customer service, from scheduling to talking with the technicians. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. We went from having an ant, wasp, and boxelder bug problem every single spring/summer to now being able to enjoy our home inside and out without worrying about pests."

Croach 5 Star Reviews - King City, OR Pest Control "We used to have spiders and lots of sugar ants. Now we don't even have to think about it. Pest Free comes out quarterly and handles everything for us. Great service. Good value."

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Tailor-Made Pest Control Options

Croach® customizes a program of scheduled services year-round for King City resident pest control. This program keeps your home, family, and pets thoroughly protected.

The changing of seasons is welcoming to rodents, ants, spiders, stink bugs, and wasps. Investing in your home, with a comprehensive pest control and prevention plan, will help eliminate these issues.

✅  Interior treatment. Flushes pests out and prevents more from entering.

✅  Removal of wasp nests and spider webs. Croach® technicians remove spider webs and wasp nests.

✅  Exterior treatment. An outside liquid barrier to keep pests out.

✅  Granulation treatment. To discourage pests from nesting on your property.

Standards of Excellence

We exceed your expectations by providing:

  1. FREE retreats, if a pest problem arises between scheduled visits.
  2. Time and money-saving HI-TECH solutions.
  3. We pay attention to customer feedback and use it to improve and enhance our services.

Call Croach® today at (503) 430-5974 or schedule your inspection online.

Or visit our Portland Region Pest Control page for more information on our service areas.

Free Pest Inspection

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King City Pest Control Near Me

From our home office in Beaverton, fifteen minutes away, Croach happily provides excellent, ongoing, pest control to the single neighborhood in King City, OR and the surrounding areas.