Pest Control for Woodburn, Oregon

Croach Pest Control Technician Woodburn ORCroach® serves Woodburn homeowners with pest control services for the management, prevention, and extermination or relocation of ants, spiders, cockroaches, emerald ash borers, bees and wasps, rats and mice, and other rodents and pests.

Woodburn is a town of rich culture and beautiful sights. It is home to Engine 1785, the Tulip Festival, over 110 acres of city parks, trails, and nature areas, and the Woodburn Botanical Garden.

Our Pest Control Process Leaves Pests Nowhere to Hide

Take advantage of one of the most thorough pest inspections in the industry. We look everywhere pests might be, including your attic, crawl spaces, and yard. Nothing deters us: not bad weather, not the pests themselves.

We have one goal: find the pests, find their nests, and find the high-traffic areas where pests congregate. We are also looking for entry and exit points so we can close them off for good.

When we're done, we'll review our findings with you and present you with a customized control plan for you to approve. Once you've approved your plan and have gone over some safety measures with us, we'll start service. You'll typically receive six visits per year after that so that we can make sure pests do not return.

You'll find any one of our technicians to be friendly, well-trained, and ready to go above and beyond. We believe in exceeding industry standards. Please let us know how we do!

Woodburn, Oregon Pest Control Reviews

Croach Woodburn, Oregon Pest Control Review
"I cannot believe the professionalism of the two technicians that showed up at my door to do their work! They were fast, clean, sharp, informative and polite! After a long drive to their job site they unloaded their materials and got right to work. Only two guys and they did a great job, inside and out. I will highly recommend Croach to everyone I know looking for any of their services if they are all done by servicemen as competent as these two workers were."

Croach Woodburn, Oregon Pest Control Review
"Very professional and friendly!"

Croach Woodburn, Oregon Pest Control Review
"Very professional and really nice. Explained everything. His trainee was fabulous also."

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Eliminate Marion County's Most Common Pests

We train on all the pests that like to invade Woodburn homes. Call (503) 430-5974 to schedule your inspection, or click here to schedule online.

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Woodburn Pest Control Near Me

Croach® is happy to serve the Woodburn neighborhoods of Woodburn City Center, S Pacific Hwy/Portland Rd NE, West Woodburn, and Pacific Hwy E/Molalla Rd.