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Early History of Pest Extermination

Past Methods of Pest Extermination

At one time or another, you will come into contact with some type of pest or insect that has gained access into your home, requiring pest extermination.

The common house ant that is marching around your kitchen pantry with his buddies or the unsightly cockroach that is crawling out from under your laundry room door are both great examples of nuisances that we routinely deal with as homeowners.

Luckily we live in a day and age where pest control and management is a thriving industry and we can keep a pest infestation out of our home by regularly scheduled pest control visits from our local pest extermination specialists.

Cat Kills Mouse

Imagine living hundreds or even thousands of years ago and trying to keep rodents, insects and other pests out of your living space. There was no bug guy to call and say you’ve got a spider problem, please come right away to fix it.

Pest Extermination and Pest Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Yellow tabby cat watching brown mousePeople were forced to come up with different ways to either dissuade insects and rodents from coming in or a way to kill them quickly after they gained access into the home.

Four thousand years ago in Egypt, the people considered domestic cats an excellent solution to rodent infestations. Domestic cats were very useful and successful at killing off rodents that lingered inside of homes.

Predaceous Ants Protect Crops

In early China, insects were used against other insects. With many crops being destroyed by foliage eating insects, the Chinese would deploy colonies of predaceous ants. They would place the ants’ nest in trees where the ants would feed on the foliage eating insects.

Bamboo bridges were constructed to assist the ants in their movements from tree to tree. Predaceous ants also became popular in Yemen and North Africa with date growers. These ants were very successful in protecting crops from insects that could potentially destroy the local food supply.

Aerial Crop Dusting Pesticide Planes

Pesticides really began to come to life when early farmers experienced mass destruction among their crops for insects like locusts. One farmer reported that his field had so many locusts in it that the ground seemed to be moving.

Across America, farmers experienced invasions from chinch bugs, locusts, boll weevils and Colorado potato beetles.

Pest Extermination - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Pest Control through Crop Dusting AirplaneThe wonderful invention of crop dusting became a major and effective method in keeping farmer’s crops protected from destructive insects.

Pesticides became a game-changer in the fight against pests and insects, allowing crops to continue to grow safely while at the same time destroying the harmful bugs that ruined many crops.

Pest Infestation Prevention

Today we may not all have a field of crops to protect, but we have homes that we live in and insects and other nuisances are constantly trying to gain access into our homes and grow their colonies.

Avoid a pest infestation by having your home serviced regularly by a Croach® pest extermination specialist. Contact us today!

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