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Bats Making You Batty?

Of the 46 species of bats found in the United States, Washington and Oregon can claim 16 of them!

Bat Pest Control and the Ecosystem

As an important part of the ecosystem and the management of insects, it seems bats have gotten a bad rap!

Bats are an intricate part of balancing nature. When any one piece is missing or being taken over by a new invasive species, it starts a domino effect among the native creatures in the invaded area.

This includes the footsteps of humans.  We are all on this planet to share in the bounty.

The Bat Colony

Bats and caves go hand in hand. But with the thousands of caves throughout the U.S., less than 5% of them are suitable for bats. Bats require a fairly specialized environment!

Bat Pest Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Hibernating BatsMales and females will congregate together in large colonies to hibernate.

Bats come to life in the spring to replenish their fat supplies, which have undoubtedly been depleted during the long winter hibernation.

Before going to sleep again, they will mate. But the male’s sperm will lay dormant for the winter. When spring arrives, the females will all separate from the males to establish maternity and nursery colonies.

After giving birth to usually one pup, mom will fly out at night to feed. Amazingly, she eats her own weight in insects so that she is able to produce milk for her pup. Bats must also allow for the storing of fat in preparation of the next winter’s survival.

If there are bats in your attic or barn around springtime, it is most likely a nursery colony and should be left alone until the fall comes. If you seal off the entrance when the adults leave at night to eat, the females will be unable to return to their pups, and they will die!

The entire colony will likely leave to find a winter home to hibernate. Now is the time to secure any openings so that they can not check back in come spring!

Professional Bat Pest Control

There are some health risks involved with bats in an attic, so bat pest control (removal and clean up) should be done by professionals. The parasites that feed on a bat are fairly specific to bats, but the guano and the parasites left behind need to be treated and properly removed.

Bat Pest Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Bat Hanging in CaveDuring the fall season, we all enjoy taking those nice long hikes. Should you come across a cave, be aware that bats are very sensitive to disturbances. It is best to not enter!

Without bats, imagine how many more insects and pests you would have the opportunity to greet!

When bats are a problem from spring to fall it is best to call a professional to help formulate a plan. We’ll identify the areas that need to be blocked.

Croach® is always available to ease any fears and concerns and we’re just a phone call away!

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