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Boxelder Bugs are a Winter Nuisance

A True American Bug

The Boxelder Bug is a true American bug that can be found mainly in and around the boxelder tree. They are also found in maples and ash. They feed mainly on the acer seeds of these trees and bushes.

Boxelder bugs are sometimes called garage beetles and stink bugs, but they do not really stink unless they are squished. Then they do smell quite a bit!

The boxelder bug is not a dangerous pest. They are deemed more of a nuisance. As with many of the pests this time of the year, they are in search of a winter home.

Boxelder Bugs Seek Winter Shelter

During the cold weather, boxelder bugs will winter inside walls, under siding and even inside your home. On warm, sunny days, they can be found basking by the hundreds on the sunny side of your home’s exterior.

The boxelder bugs that have not found a warm home of their own to invade, will hibernate until spring when they will emerge to feed and lay eggs.

If you have ever had the misfortune of sharing your home with them, you have learned that they will stain drapes, furniture, and clothing with their excrement. Stepping on them also causes stains and a foul odor, so it is best to suck them up with the vacuum hose.

Boxelder Bug Pest Control

One plus (if you do happen to have them as house guests) is that they will not multiply indoors. That is an outdoor activity only. Boxelder bugs that get trapped in basements will eventually just die.

As for management, if they are a real problem in and around your home or business, you may want to remove any Boxelder female trees. The female tree is the only one that will produce the Acer seeds. Although the boxelder tree is the preferred dinner for this pest, maples, and ash will do in a pinch.

The boxelder tree is normally found growing along waterways. Although it does not have any commercial value as the wood is very soft, they are still an important part of the ecosystem for wildlife.

Should the cool fall weather be creating more of a pest problem that you can live with, give Croach® a call for an inspection and plan to keep your home safe and pest free for the winter.

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