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How are Roaches Getting in my House?

Your family teases that you have OCD when it comes to cleaning your house and if there is a speck of dust to be found it would create a storm of spring cleaning!

And then one day it happens. A roach is seen scampering across the kitchen floor as you turn the light on to get a little midnight snack!  After awakening the entire household with the screams equal to the best horror film, the hunt is on! How and where did this disgusting intruder gain entrance to your castle?

How the Roach Gains Entry

There are obvious ways of course … like they came from the neighbors’ place or maybe a guest brought one with them on their last visit. Certainly, it was not YOU that brought it home, or was it?

There are some pretty sneaky ways for roaches to hitch a ride home with you. They have not lasted since long before the dinosaur age to be outsmarted now.

Sneaky Ways Cockroaches Can Get In

  • Hitch a ride in your grocery bag, straight from the store, free of charge!
  • Snuck in your purse when you placed it on the floor of the bank, restaurant or office etc.
  • Do you ride the bus or any local transit? Well so do lots of roaches! One of them can easily crawl into the pocket of your coat or bag!

With such sneaky ways to enter your home, not including all the possible entry points around your home, if they are not well sealed, roaches are resilient, to say the least!

There are not many pests that are associated with disgust and filth as cockroaches. In reality, though, they don’t care if the house is clean or not, just as long as there are food and water available and a way in.

They are found to be more of a problem in overcrowded homes that have lots of items stored in cardboard boxes, piled up trash and they love piles of laundry.

Professional Roach Control

If you are having a problem with just one roach, chances are there are many more lurking behind the scenes! Call Croach® for a free inspection and professional cockroach control plan!

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