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Spring Pest Control is Right Around the Corner

It may be hard to tell in some parts of America right now but springtime is right around the corner. This means lots of things; like nicer weather, flowers blooming, walks outdoors, and even opening up those windows to let in some fresh air.

You had better be prepared though for all the new little critters that emerge after the long winter as well. There are a few insects and bugs that make their presence known during springtime. Being prepared for them with spring pest control strategies can help keep you and your family safe.

Spring Pest Control

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps flourish during this time of year due to the temperature and the activity that bees have around flowers. Bees start to work feverishly when the weather warms up and they become very active.

To help prevent bee stings you can make sure that you are aware of any hives on your property or the surrounding area. Urban Beekeeping is steadily growing in Seattle backyards, especially among gardeners, so check with your neighbors.

Bees tend to only bother people when they are disturbed. They are busy working and just want to be left alone. The best prevention is to leave them be.

If you happen to get stung you can make sure that the stinger is removed and wash the area with soap and water. Most stings are a nuisance and will only bother a person for a small amount of time. However, if you have an allergy to bee stings, you need to get medical attention immediately.

Wasps also feed on nectar and they are attracted to water. This is the time of year that people will water plants and some even start to venture to the pools.

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The average spider will mate and lay eggs during the autumn season and then die after depositing an egg sac. The egg sac lasts until the weather warms up and then from the spiders’ eggs come the spiders.

Most adult spiders can produce an egg sac that can hold on average 100 eggs. As the babies emerge from the sac they will usually spin a small line that will help them float away until they attach to something nearby (like a fence, home, or tree). These tiny spiders begin their life and it is during the spring when the weather cools for a few days that they will try and get into your home.

Spider Control - Croach - Spring Pest Control - Black WidowThe most dangerous spiders to humans in the Northwest United States are the Hobo Spider and the Black Widow.

While five species of widow spiders are found in North America, the only species found in Washington is the Western Black Widow.

The best way to prevent spiders from gaining entry to your home is to make sure that all your weather stripping for doors and windows are tight and that there are no cracks or crevices that spiders can make their way into.

From the Pullman, WA to Moscow ID area, hobo spiders, in particular, are prevalent in basements and ground floor window wells of houses.

Other Spring Pests

Other spring pests include flies and box elder bugs. During wintertime, they found harborage in attics and wall voids.

Flies are one of the first pests you will see in spring; as early as mid-March. When there are approximately 12 hours of sunlight per day with mild conditions, you will see box elder bugs emerge again too.

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No matter what seasonal pests you are dealing with, Croach® can assist you with spring pest control and keep your loved ones safe.

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