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Squirrels – Not So Cute

Would a squirrel be welcome as a guest in your home?

Maybe Rocky, Scrat or even Secret Squirrel. After all, they are all famous and kids love them!

Then there are the fluffy-tailed creatures that scamper through the trees outside your windows providing hours of entertainment. Such busy little critters, what harm could they possibly cause?

If you have asked yourself that question then you have never had the pleasure of sharing your home with them!

Squirrels are Rodents

Squirrels are a rodent and bring with them many of the same health hazards and destruction that come with rats! Their teeth are always in need of grooming which is accomplished through chewing.

Squirrels in your Home

Rodent Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Squirrels - Squirrel peering from side of treeThey are able to enter your home through many areas that – if not sealed and secured properly – become their check-in office.

Squirrels, like many other pests, are busy preparing for the winter months. And for some, that means accessing any attic that they can move into!

Damage Caused by Squirrels

Once inside they will chew through water pipes, electrical wires or anything they come across. If accessible, they’ll also destroy the insulation in the attic and the walls.

The most damaging habit attributed to squirrels is chewing entrances to attics. Usually, they are not interested in sharing your space. They are happy with the attic, basements and inside walls, but occasionally may make it to your kitchen.

Due to the large populations and high reproductive rates, the best way to keep them from moving in is to secure the entrances!

Attic louvers, fan openings, chimneys, and vents need to be screened with mesh hardware cloth. Screening is not enough as they can chew right through it! And pay special attention to worn eaves.

Croach® Pest Control

Often it takes some good old inventiveness to secure your home. Having a professional conduct an inspection of your home and assess any problems is advised, especially if you live in an area with high squirrel populations.  

Croach® has qualified technicians that are expert in identifying any potential entry points, providing humane removal of any squirrels that have already moved in. We’re happy to assist with securing the premises to prevent them from coming back!

Croach® would like for all in our communities to have a safe and pest-free holiday season!

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