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Rats, Mice & Rodents in the House During Winter Season?

During the year when the weather is nice, rodents don’t really seem to be a big problem. Rodents like rats and mice will tend to stay outdoors and find a cozy spot to enjoy. This means that most people don’t really worry about them in their homes.

The problem in the winter is the weather gets chilly and there is less sun for the rodents to enjoy whilst living outdoors.

Deer Mice Control - Croach Rodent Control - rodents in the house - gray mouseThis means that the rodents now need to find a warm place to call home, which equates to rodents in the house.

It's the next best spot for them because it is nicely heated and they can stay well-fed and protected from the elements throughout the entire winter.

They also have plenty of spots that they can set up a nest and you would never even know.

You may think that you are clean and you don’t have anything to worry about, but if you really understood what environment rodents need to survive you may be surprised!

Croach® knows why your home might be prone to getting some unwanted house guests this winter - and we're not talking about your in-laws!

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Reasons for Rodents in the House

A rodent needs only a small amount of water and food to feel fine about calling a place home. Any home across America has enough of each on any given day.


The water that you leave on the counter or in the sink is more than sufficient. They are also able to find water in the bathroom although the kitchen is the main area you will find rodents.


The kitchen floor can house small morsels of crumbs that can add up to a feast for a rodent. You may not notice them since they tend to scavenge at night when the house quietens down and everyone is in bed for the night.

Most rodents are small enough to fit in very small spaces including under the refrigerator and oven. These can be hot spots for crumbs that have been missed and left out.

Rat & Mice Prevention

If you want to help make sure that you have no rodents in the house (rodent free), then take time to clean the kitchen each night before bed and get all the crumbs that could be left out. You should also be sure that all the food is packaged up appropriately and the outside of the container is wiped off.

You can also call a professional to come out and inspect for rodents and determine where any potential access points and problem areas may be. Prevention is always best.

Call Croach® for an inspection and service plan to ensure that you are free from rodents!

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