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Ticks: Unwelcome Hitchhikers

As we move into warmer weather and longer days, ticks are beginning to catch a free ride on animals and people. It's time to think about tick control again.

An ideal environment for a tick infestation is low-lying bushes and vegetation. Some types of ticks grab onto people and pets as they brush past. Other ticks are carried on rodents. Once ticks hop aboard, they crawl until they find a comfortable place to burrow down and feed.

A tick’s body is designed to enlarge to allow for a large amount of blood to be ingested. Ticks can feed for a few minutes to a few days depending on the type of tick and type of host.

Ticks carry diseases such as Lyme disease, Tick-Borne Relapsing fever, Tick Paralysis, and Tularemia. Some of these diseases, if left untreated can be fatal.

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Tick Prevention Tips

Following are some important safety tips from Croach® to help protect you and your family this summer:

  • Wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt when walking in wooded or grassy areas.
  • Tuck your pants into socks and your shirt or top into your pants to keep ticks on the outside of your clothing.
  • Wear light-colored clothing when possible to allow any unwelcome intruders to be seen more easily.
  • Check family members including pets for ticks. Be especially diligent when checking warm moist areas such as neck, ears, underarms, and backs of knees.
  • Practice rodent control by discouraging rodents around your home. Feed pets inside, and if you must feed pets outside, don’t leave any uneaten food in containers to encourage rodents. Be sure to properly clean any rodent-contaminated areas.
  • Keep grass mowed and trim shrubs. Open, sunny areas are less likely to encourage ticks.
  • Keep pets away from wooded areas and always treat your animals with a veterinarian recommended tick control product.
  • Plant shrubs that do not attract deer or build planters around plants that do, to deter deer from brushing up against them.
  • Move children’s play equipment, such as swing sets and sand boxes away from wooded areas and place them on a mulch or wood chip foundation.

Your yard has the potential to house thousands of ticks. Every time you, your family members or pets go outside, you run the risk of bringing ticks into your home and exposing yourself to dangerous diseases.

Professional Tick Control

Do you have a tick control problem on your property? Do you require professional assistance to eliminate it? It’s time to contact Croach® for a professional evaluation to discuss your pest control needs.

A licensed professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Then he'll help you develop a long-term control plan to rid your property of disease-causing parasites and reduce your family’s chance of illness.

Contact Croach® today for the best pest control service available in your area. Enjoy family gatherings and outdoor activities with the peace of mind that you, your family, and your invited guests are protected from harmful ticks!

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