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Nestled in between the sophisticated 'Queen City' of Charlotte and the outdoor recreation at Lake Norman, you can’t find a better place to live. From excellent schools to an annual Renaissance Festival and the charm of an urban town center at Birkdale Village, Huntersville has it all – including unwanted pests!
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Eco-Conscious Pest Control in Huntersville

Croach® Pest Control offers innovative and state-of-the-art pest control for residents of Huntersville. We understand your concerns about your family’s health and safety, as well as your desire to preserve the natural environment in which you live. That’s why Huntersville homeowners trust Croach® for long-term, eco-friendly pest control.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Pesticides?

According to an alarming US Geological Survey, 6.7% of stream water and 4.8% of ground water in urban areas contained pesticides at concentrations exceeding safe levels for human health! Aside from the fact that chemical extermination doesn’t resolve a pest problem at its roots, it also exposes your family, pets and beneficial insects to dangerous chemicals. Not only that, but pests become resistant to chemicals.

That’s why Croach® employs eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods of pest control.

How Does IPM Work?

Working with you, your Croach® technician, uses these IPM methods to suppress pests.

Cultural controls: Homeowners can easily get into good IPM habits, like emptying vessels of standing water, wiping up spills and crumbs, and keeping their houses tidy and vacuumed in order to reduce the establishment, reproduction and survival of pests.

Physical controls: Preventing pests from entering your home or property is called exclusion. Your Croach® technician will locate breaches, and block holes, cracks or other access points so pests never make into your space.

Mechanical controls: Traps are a method of mechanical control, which removes pests without the use of chemicals.

Chemical controls: Your Croach® exterminator may need to apply chemical pesticides to target an infestation. We are very selective about the chemical products we use, and use them discreetly to maximize safety for your family and pets.

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IPM-Mechanical Control-Humane Mouse Trap-Croach Pest Exterminators
Croach Technician - IPM Chemical Spraying - Pest Management Near Greenville SC

Croach® pest control services are custom-tailored to your specific needs, using the most effective means available, after completing a comprehensive inspection and consultation.

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Our Pest-free Satisfaction Guarantee for Huntersville

If you ever experience pests between scheduled treatments, we’ll come back out to give you an intermediate, complimentary treatment. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.

Enjoy life with peace of mind knowing that Croach® professionals have your pest management concerns under control.

Croach Pest Control Reviews - Stars 150

‘Lake Friendly’ Products

I want to thank Tyler for an excellent and very extensive service during our initial pest control. Tyler took great care inside and outside our home, ensuring our protection from those pesky pests, especially spiders! Tyler also used environmental and "lake friendly" products on our dock to keep spiders at bay. Tyler is a very professional and respectful young man who is a definite asset to his trade and company!

Croach Pest Control Reviews - Stars 150

Way More Effective!

Amazing service. Highly recommended! After one month of the first initial service our results were outstanding. Mr. Darren Walker, one of the field technicians, was very helpful and knowledgeable of my pest situation. Very helpful and courteous to my needs.

Pest Control Services by Croach® Exterminators Near Huntersville

Get rid of the spotted lanternfly, ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, mice and rats, silverfish, spiders, wasps and other stinging, biting, crawling, and flying pests. We serve Huntersville residents in single-family homes, apartments, HOAs, and light commercial buildings.

Pest Control Service Satisfaction Guarantee - Croach

Retreats Guarantee

We guarantee a retreat of pest issues that arise between regularly scheduled services. Ask for more details when you sign up.

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Thousands of Customer Reviews

Trust Croach® pest control reviews of friends and neighbors near Huntersville and browse customer surveys of their pest management technicians.

Croach Pest Control Reviews - Stars 150

Took Care of All Our Pest Needs!

"Our technician, John Bryant, is the best ! He takes great care to ensure a thorough job in servicing our home and explains all of the work performed. Additionally John will make recommendations, if needed, such as removing items near the home structure that could retain moisture and attract pests. We are very happy to have Croach and John take care of our pest issues!"

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Croach® is a family-owned business, so we get that you and your family have interesting things to do in Huntersville, and beyond. Why should you waste your time and energy fighting pests? Call Croach® pest control today for a FREE pest inspection!

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