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Rats in the House

Noise in the Chimney? Probably not Santa but Rats in the House!

All is well, right?  After all, those summer pests are hiding out and no longer making pests of themselves! Before you let your guard down though, as we are preparing for winter so are the rats and mice that have been busy outdoors all summer long.

Now they are looking to make reservations at a bed and breakfast complete with room service. That is how the rodents view your home, especially rats! Somehow finding a mouse in the house is traumatic enough, but a rat – that is a whole new ball game.

Problems Caused by Rats in the House

Thanks to movies and storybooks, just the thought of rats can bring some to tears! The man’s wife who moves back to mother is not kidding when she tells him, “I am not coming home until you get them out!” With that said, it is not only emotional damage that rats are responsible for.

Rats Bring Fleas

Rats are not alone. They bring with them little hitch-hikers like fleas that are more than happy to infest your pets. If they stayed on the pet it would be an easy treatment, but the little intruders fall into your carpet and upholstery to infest your entire home.

Rats in the House Cause Damage

Along with rats comes the huge amount of damage they can cause to your home:

  • chewing through wires and increasing the possibility of fires
  • destroying insulation in walls and attics
  • getting into the pantry storage
  • leaving behind a thank you gift in the form of poop

Rats Carry Disease

Rats are carriers of disease – usually by way of the fleas that live on them. Bubonic Plague, Hantavirus, and Rat-Bite Fever are but a few of the health concerns that come with rats in the house!

The droppings (poop) and urine are easily airborne and cause respiratory problems, and of course when rats get into our food and pantry, which brings ingestion concerns as well.

Croach® Professional Pest Control

So as is evident there is nothing good that comes from these rodents living with your family! They cause emotional, financial and even health concerns for the humans that they adopt!

Croach® has experience with evicting these un-wanted guests!  Call for an inspection and an expert plan of action for any pest control problem you face!

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