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Fall Pest Control Checklist

With the changing seasons come beautiful colors and cooler weather. It is time to pack up the summer items and prepare for the upcoming winter hibernation! Children are back at school and holidays are quickly approaching.

With so much going on, there is no time to deal with a pest infestation of any kind. Does your home have a vacancy sign up? Many do without even knowing it!

Pest Control Checklist - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Squirrels - Squirrel peering from side of treeYou are not the only one preparing for the winter months and cold weather.

The insects and vermin that have been outside vacationing for the summer will be in search of comfortable winter lodging.

And once a pest finds a good place to settle in, they send off a signal to all their family and friends to come and join them!

That’s why we’ve compiled a pest control checklist to help you head off an infestation!

Tips for a Pest-Free Winter

There are some important things that you should do to keep your family safe and pest free for the winter. But what should you do and where should you start?

Start by making it a family activity. Often children will find those little openings that are missed by adults and perhaps they even think a little like a pest at times!

Outdoor Pest Control Checklist

  • Check windows and doors for areas that need to be sealed or have weather stripping replaced.
  • Inspect Chimneys and roofs for missing tiles and openings that will lead into your attic (remember mice and rats can squeeze through very small cracks and openings).
  • Replace or repair any screens that may be damaged.
  • Walk around the entire home searching for cracks and areas with leaks that may be a larger problem.
  • Clutter is an excellent place for uninvited guests to hang out while they wait for an available opening. Clean out all the garden areas around the yard, and remove wood piles stored close to the house (especially outside a back door).

Indoor Pest Control Checklist

  • Check around doors, walls, ceilings, windows, electrical systems and especially plumbing throughout the home.  Kitchens and bathroom deserve extra attention to water leaks and areas around fittings/pipes that will allow entrance if not sealed properly.
  • Trash should not be allowed to build up in the home. Keep the outside bins away from the home securing the lids well.  Roaches and mice/rats are sure to find their way to a kitchen that has large amounts of trash and unwashed dishes!
  • Overcrowding in a home is also a concern. At times it can not be avoided, so be sure to not have lots of cardboard storage boxes stacked as pests love to hide in them! Use plastic bins with well fitting lids.

Croach® – Your Professional Partner

Remember that although pests are a nuisance and bothersome, they also often carry with them diseases that can make your winter anything but healthy.

Being a partner in keeping your home and family safe from the many health concerns connected with insects and vermin infestations is what Croach® is all about!

For any concerns or assistance with pest inspections, control or removal, please give us a call!

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