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Fun Ant Facts and Trivia

Extraordinary Ant Facts

The upcoming Comic Book hero “Ant Man” due to hit the big screen soon has shined a little light on the tiny pests we humans know as ants.

And really, why not have superpowers related to the ant? They are actually quite an extraordinary insect! There are thousands of examples why ants should get a little more credit than finding their way into our cupboards or terrorizing our foliage. But here are just a few amazing ant facts …

Ants are Strong

Ants are an awesome role model for most bodybuilders! The amount of protein they consume is insane, eating approximately a third of the body weight in meat, and sometimes more.

If you can picture an average human lifting sixty elephants in the air and carrying them with ease, then you get the picture of an ant’s super strength. Scientists believe that the ants’ weight-lifting ability is actually due to the amazing neck they have. It’s no wonder ants have such an intriguing ability to carry so much.

They do have to provide for their colonies and do so by farming plant life, foraging extra crumbs left around by the gigantic humans, or even other insects or carcasses of dead animals. They will even take live ones if the notion strikes them.

Ants Farm Underground and Scout Out Food

Ant Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Amazing Ant Facts - Ants tunneling undergroundSpeaking of food consumption, many don’t know that there are species of ants that literally farm underground! They figured out farming long before humans ever did!

Then there are ants that send scouts out to look for food. How do they do it you may ask? Well, ants start out the old fashion way. They climb out of the hill and go off looking.

However, yet another superpower quality is the release of a special hormone their own species can smell. As they walk, they secrete this special chemical so their buddies can follow, and also so they can find their way home.

If food isn’t found they just take on a new trail until it is. After they find their spoils they take some food back to the hill and put out another layer of pheromones so their comrades will know where the food is.

Ant Slaves

Now for the somewhat scarier side of ants. Ants practice slavery. Many species will go to the lesser ant hill and raid the nest, stealing eggs! Once hatched, they enslave them and make them do the hard labor they don’t want to do themselves.

Maybe this is one of the most interesting ant facts. There are a few species that have a long time feud with termites and will fight them to the death if ever encountered. Not only will they fight their natural born enemies, but ants will send kamikaze ants to take down anything they see as a threat. Rather intimidating, if not for their small stature.

Ancient Ants Adventure

Scientists believe ants have been around since the dinosaur. Now that’s an achievement that deserves respect. They have survived and evolved for quite some time and still thrive! I doubt you will ever see these tiny creatures on the endangered animal list!

Not only have they been around, but they have conquered the globe. They leave the arctic cold to some animals more adaptable to the freezing glaciers.

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Next time you come across an anthill, just remember what all these critters are capable of. You may admire ants for the ability to lift heavy objects and communicate with one another but you don’t want them in your home or business.

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