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Ants Nests – How Ants Invade Your Home

One of the most common household annoyances that homeowners come across is ants in the house. They show up at different times every year looking for food, water and a place to call home.

Ants are great scavengers, and as they are so tiny, just a crumb to us is a meal to them. They are also very good at sneaking through the tiniest crevice or crack to gain entry into buildings.

The hotspots for ants are bathrooms due to the humid, moist conditions as well as kitchens due to the crumbs and food morsels that can be found there. Ants will stay around anywhere they find a reliable food or water source and refuge from the elements.

Ants Nests in the Ground

When it comes to the location of ants nests, their preferences really depends on the particular species of ants. Some types of ants build their nests in soil. They produce those recognizable sand dirt mounds most of us are all too familiar with.

Other species of ants build their nests in homes - usually behind baseboards, countertops, moldings and other small spaces. Still, other types of ants hunker down in damaged wood or high moisture places.

Ants are well known for being attracted to sugary and sweet foods, however, they are also known for eating meats, fats, starches, and honeydew. It is important to know what type of ants nests and food different species of ants prefer so you can control their colonies and protect your home from becoming theirs.

Ants Nests Damage to Homes

Most ants enter homes from outside ants nests as they go searching for food. The damage that they cause varies depending on the species. Ants are first and foremost a nuisance and cause little damage.

Some ants may just invade your food supplies. They leave an invisible scented trail for the other ants in their colony to follow. This means that even if you see only a few ants parading across your counter, there are bound to be more ahead and behind.

Other ants, like carpenter ants and their seasonal swarms cause damage that weakens wood structures. Trying to keep ants from getting into your home can be quite frustrating.

Ant Control and Prevention

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take that will lessen the likelihood of ants invading your home.

For instance, in the kitchen, it is important to keep food properly stored. Food that is left out on the kitchen table, in the kitchen sink or even small crumbs that are left on the floor can attract ants. Ants have an excellent sense of smell and will track down any food they identify, large or small.

Clean all kitchen surfaces immediately after using them. Wipe counters, sweep the floor, and rinse containers. Keep a tidy kitchen to lessen the chances of ants venturing into other areas of your home as well.

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