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Keeping a Pest Free Home this Season

First and most importantly, remove the fall pests welcome sign and post a NO VACANCY sign instead!

Fall Pests

As with each new season, fall brings new challenges and pests are no exception. Just when you thought you could take a break from the summer pests that tormented you and your family, there are some new fall pests to worry about that are in search of a home for the winter!

Rodent Control - Croach - Kirkland, WA - Fall Pests - Gray MouseAs cold weather sets in, many insects and rodents are on the prowl for a nice warm home with food service!

Many homes and businesses are unaware of the open invitation that surrounds their home or business.

Most rodents can gain entry with an opening small enough for just their head. And once they get their head in, their body will follow.

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Tips for Discouraging Fall Pests

There are some important things that can be done to deter these pests from your home or business:

  • Do NOT feed wild animals and don’t leave pet food out in the open all day.
  • De-clutter lawns and patios
  • Wood piles should not be close to the house
  • Use of gravel is helpful in areas where water tends to puddle
  • Dehumidifiers and encapsulation of crawl space are recommended
  • Outside lighting – the use of yellow lights is best if lights must be on during night hours. Consider investing in Smart Home capable lighting like the Phillips Hue if possible, and set a schedule for on/off times.
  • Seal trash cans! Unsealed trash cans are a “buffet” to a pest!
  • Any damage to windows and screens should be repaired
  • Be sure vents on the roof and the chimney are sealed and/or screened appropriately
  • Do not use cardboard boxes for storage. Use sealable plastic containers
  • Do not leave food items out on the counters or tables
  • Keep your fruit in the refrigerator, not displayed in that beautiful crystal bowl from grandma!
  • Vacuum frequently to keep crumbs to a minimum and clean spills well – especially sugar type drinks

Croach® Professional Pest Control

If you have done all that you can do and still have fall pests that you wish to evict, call Croach® for an inspection and discussion on the best course of action for your home or business! Croach® wishes a pest-free season for all!

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