Winter brings the pests indoors for food and shelter. Rats, mice and other rodents; bugs such as cockroaches, termites, and spiders will be looking for a comfortable place to stay warm and get fed over the winter.

Rats, Mice & Rodents in the House During Winter Season?

During the year when the weather is nice, rodents don’t really seem to be a big problem. Rodents like rats and mice will tend to stay outdoors and find a cozy spot to enjoy. This means that most people don’t really worry about them in their homes. The problem in the winter is the weather gets chilly and there is less sun for the rodents to enjoy whilst living outdoors. This means that the rodents now need to find a … Read More

Rodent Prevention Checklist

Rodent Prevention – Don’t Wait Until You See a Mouse in your House! Winter is not far away and with it comes a task list that most homeowners attempt to tackle before the season is over. These lists usually include a whole lot of shopping, a great deal of eating and the more enjoyable gift giving. One list that should take precedence over others is a rodent prevention checklist – the rodent proofing of your home. Winter is the most … Read More

House Mouse Control!

Not a Creature Was Stirring … Not Even a Mouse with House Mouse Control Truth is that one of the most common winter guests are mice and rats! And it is not the cast of “Mickey’s Christmas”! According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) about 30% of all American’s have had a house mouse control problem at one time or another. Of those, almost 50% of infestations were during the winter months. The reason is that it is too … Read More

December Pest Control Tips for Winter Invaders

Winter is upon us and – just like most humans – insects and rodents do not like it in the cold. December pest control keeps pests outside! For the pests that have been kicked out of the neighbor’s house or the few that are still searching for a winter home, make sure it isn’t yours! Often times we are our own worst enemy. With daily activities, we may unintentionally post welcome signs around our home! December is an especially busy … Read More

Keeping a Pest Free Home this Season

First and most importantly, remove the fall pests welcome sign and post a NO VACANCY sign instead! Fall Pests As with each new season, fall brings new challenges and pests are no exception. Just when you thought you could take a break from the summer pests that tormented you and your family, there are some new fall pests to worry about that are in search of a home for the winter! As cold weather sets in, many insects and rodents … Read More

Sssssnakes Alive: Northern Pacific rattlesnake

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake are Mild-Mannered Homebodies Snakes, in general, have gotten a bad rap and not many people look forward to coming face to face with them. Luckily Washington has only one venomous snake to worry about – the Northern Pacific rattlesnake. In reality, they are not our enemy, rather an important part of the food chain and should not be killed. If there is a drastic reduction in the snake population, in turn, there will be a significant increase in … Read More

Rats in the House

Noise in the Chimney? Probably not Santa but Rats in the House! All is well, right?  After all, those summer pests are hiding out and no longer making pests of themselves! Before you let your guard down though, as we are preparing for winter so are the rats and mice that have been busy outdoors all summer long. Now they are looking to make reservations at a bed and breakfast complete with room service. That is how the rodents view … Read More

Boxelder Bugs are a Winter Nuisance

A True American Bug The Boxelder Bug is a true American bug that can be found mainly in and around the boxelder tree. They are also found in maples and ash. They feed mainly on the acer seeds of these trees and bushes. Boxelder bugs are sometimes called garage beetles and stink bugs, but they do not really stink unless they are squished. Then they do smell quite a bit! The boxelder bug is not a dangerous pest. They are … Read More