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Stinging Insects in the Fall

Hornet, Bee, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket Stings in the Fall Season You would think that when the fall weather starts to settle in you should be free from pesky flying pests such as hornets, bees, yellow jackets, and wasps. But the cooler weather brings out these stinging insects. They actually tend to get more aggressive during the fall time. While they are usually drawn to foods like carbohydrates and proteins during the summer and spring months, in the fall they … Read More

Fun Spider Facts

With Halloween on its way, you may begin to see people decorating the outside of their homes with giant faux spider webs that drape across their bushes, trees, or walkways. While these are fun decorations, no one wants to walk through a real spider web. Spider webs are sometimes very beautiful in their design and fun to look at. Most of the time spider webs are described as creepy or spooky, but there are some interesting facts about spider webs … Read More

Early History of Pest Extermination

Past Methods of Pest Extermination At one time or another, you will come into contact with some type of pest or insect that has gained access into your home, requiring pest extermination. The common house ant that is marching around your kitchen pantry with his buddies or the unsightly cockroach that is crawling out from under your laundry room door are both great examples of nuisances that we routinely deal with as homeowners. Luckily we live in a day and … Read More

Rodent Prevention Checklist

Rodent Prevention – Don’t Wait Until You See a Mouse in your House! Winter is not far away and with it comes a task list that most homeowners attempt to tackle before the season is over. These lists usually include a whole lot of shopping, a great deal of eating and the more enjoyable gift giving. One list that should take precedence over others is a rodent prevention checklist – the rodent proofing of your home. Winter is the most … Read More

Prepare your House and Garden for Fall Insect Invaders

As soon as the weather starts to cool off, the bugs and insects start to come in. Just like people, most pests want a nice, warm spot to call home. The fall weather is the perfect time for pests to start to move indoors so this is the time of year that you need to follow a few easy steps to prepare your home for the incoming pests. Croach® has prepared a list of things you can do to help … Read More

Western Spruce Budworm Caterpillar Pest Control

Caterpillar Pest Control There is a disaster happening in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Idaho! You may not believe it but it is all caused by a small caterpillar named a western spruce budworm. It is when the budworm is in its larvae state that you need to be concerned. The larvae are usually a pale shade of green with some black spots. The budworm causes all its damage when it is in this larvae state before it turns into … Read More

Super Lice – A Head Lice Mutation

How Do You Know If You Have Head Lice? This is the season that is all about back to school. This is when kids are in classrooms around their peers. It is also the season that lice can start to break out among kid’s classes. The problem is that it only takes one student with head lice to come to school and hang his/her backpack on the rack next to other students for head lice outbreak to start. In the … Read More

Fun Ant Facts and Trivia

Extraordinary Ant Facts The upcoming Comic Book hero “Ant Man” due to hit the big screen soon has shined a little light on the tiny pests we humans know as ants. And really, why not have superpowers related to the ant? They are actually quite an extraordinary insect! There are thousands of examples why ants should get a little more credit than finding their way into our cupboards or terrorizing our foliage. But here are just a few amazing ant … Read More

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Pest Control for Fruit Flies Insects come in a variety of species, colors, and sizes. They can infest anything from our homes to our pets and our gardens. One of the more common pests that we come into contact with this time of year – when the temperatures are still warm and there is more moisture in the air – are insects that invade our fruit. For instance, if you have recently purchased some fresh blackberries, chances are there are … Read More

Do Scary Horror Movie Bugs Get Under your Skin?

Pest Control Nightmares Going to the movies is always a fun experience, whether it be you are taking the kids to see the latest animated film, seeing a romantic comedy with your significant other or enjoying the latest horror film that will make it hard for you to sleep for the next few nights. Throughout film history, there have been a handful of horror movies that have featured the main subject as a deadly insect or pest causing all of … Read More

Save Hemlock Trees from the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

How Can We Save Our Hemlock Trees? Our Hemlock trees are being devastated by a small aphid-like insect. This insect is sucking the life out of these beautiful trees by feeding on their sap and causing them to die. The trees are being killed faster than they can be replenished. The Hemlock tree originated in Canada and is widespread over the Eastern part of the United States. The great thing about these trees is that they can grow well in … Read More

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