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Bed Bug Bites

Uh Oh! Did the Bed Bugs Bite? You usually won’t feel bed bug bites when they happen, unlike other pests such as mosquitoes and fleas. Because … Read More

Fire Ants of the Carolinas

Get Rid of Fire Ant Infestations Croach® pest control helps homeowners across Charlotte, Columbia, and Greenville get rid of fire ants. This invasive species is known … Read More

Mosquito FAQ

What are Mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are insects belonging to the family Culicidae, which is the scientific name for these tiny flying insects. Determined to disrupt your summer … Read More

Voles FAQs

What are Voles? Voles are small rodents that belong to the genus Microtus. They are burrowing rodents that are often confused with moles, but they are … Read More

Clover Mites

What are these Tiny Red Bugs? Those tiny red bugs you see outside on the patio, on foliage, and sometimes in your window sills, they’re clover … Read More

Carpenter Ant Swarms

What Month Do Carpenter Ants Swarm? Swarm season for carpenter ants is, in fact, mating season. From February to June in the western United States. May … Read More

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