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Pest Control Myths

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a few questions about pest control, and whether you should hire a pest control professional. Or, perhaps you’re just wondering if what you’ve seen in those Tom and Jerry cartoons is true. Do mice actually like cheese? We’ll answer these questions and debunk some common pest control myths below. Pest Control Myths Myth: The best way to lure mice into traps is with cheese. Truth: Save your cheddar, and spare the Swiss … Read More

Build a Better Mouse Trap

“Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” This quote, commonly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, is as true today as when it was originated in the late 19th century. Throughout American history, we’ve constantly searched for new ways to improve upon the lowly and simple mouse trap. In fact, since 1838, there have been more patents issued for these traps than any other device – over 4,400 of them. These patents cover a wide … Read More

Croach Pest Control is Expanding Services into Spokane and Denver

During the early to mid-1800s, many American pioneers began migrating to the Pacific Northwest along the Oregon Trail in search of new prospects and opportunities. In the next few weeks, Croach® will be doing the same – on a much smaller scale of course – but going in the opposite direction. Our business is growing, and in addition to our current offices, we’ll be expanding operations eastward into Spokane and Denver! To do this, we’ve appointed two of our best … Read More

Tips for Getting Rid of Flies in your House!

Getting rid of flies in your home is probably a priority. They are mostly a nuisance and quite obnoxious to be around. Knowing what they are generally attracted to also makes them a disgusting insect. Interesting Facts About Flies Being small in stature, houseflies usually only grow to a 1/4 of an inch long. Normally gray, they also have 4 dark stripes on the back side of their bodies. Houseflies only have 1 pair of membranous wings, unlike other flying … Read More

Ants Nests – How Ants Invade Your Home

One of the most common household annoyances that homeowners come across is ants. They show up at different times every year looking for food, water and a place to call home. Ants are great scavengers, and as they are so tiny, just a crumb to us is a meal to them. They are also very good at sneaking through the tiniest crevice or crack to gain entry into buildings. The hotspots for ants are bathrooms due to the humid, moist … Read More

Mice and Cockroaches: Most Common Household Pests

Mice and Cockroaches in Your Home By the time you see mice and cockroaches in your home, you will have many more that you have not seen. They are not out in the open and most of them are smart enough to wait until it is dark and quiet to come out to look for food. A study revealed that one house out of every ten have signs that two specific critters are in them. Mice and Cockroaches are the … Read More

Professional Pest Management vs DIY

Professional Pest Management vs DIY Pest Control If you have ever walked into the kitchen and come across a couple of cockroaches, string of ants or other pests, then you have probably considered professional pest management. The majority of pests and critters that are in an average house will hide and go unseen most of the time. They will stay hidden away during the daytime and out of sight but as soon as the home gets dark and quiet they … Read More

Rats, Mice & Rodents in the House During Winter Season?

During the year when the weather is nice, rodents don’t really seem to be a big problem. Rodents like rats and mice will tend to stay outdoors and find a cozy spot to enjoy. This means that most people don’t really worry about them in their homes. The problem in the winter is the weather gets chilly and there is less sun for the rodents to enjoy whilst living outdoors. This means that the rodents now need to find a … Read More

How to Get Rid of Garden Tomato Pests

How to Identify, Prevent, and Eliminate Garden Tomato Pests You may be surprised about how many insects take delight in turning your beautiful tomato plants into devastation. Learn what tomato pests are attacking or infesting your garden and what you can do about it. Common Tomato Pests Chewed stems indicate tomato cutworms. Defoliation is associated with tomato and tobacco hornworms. Should you find holes in the leaves, flea beetles are to blame. Aphids are responsible for yellowed, curled leaves. Psyllids … Read More

Cockroach Infestation Prevention

Signs of Roaches in Your Home and How to Get Rid of Them One of the most disgusting and filthy pests that homeowners will ever come into contact with is the creeping cockroach. Cockroaches are sneaky pests that can easily gain access to your home through the tiniest cracks and crevices that are found around the perimeter. Once cockroaches have gained access to your home, they immediately begin searching for a reliable water source, which is usually fairly easy for … Read More

Pest Infested Wall, Attic, and Crawl Space

One common area of your home that can take a serious hit from pests is your crawl space and attic insulation. Dealing with any type of insect or pest infestation within the walls and attic of your home is frustrating. When these annoying pests start to cause serious damage to your home, stress levels really begin to rise. Pest Infested Insulation Insulation is a must when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and keeping your energy bill at an … Read More

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