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Professional Pest Management vs DIY

Professional Pest Management vs DIY Pest Control

If you have ever walked into the kitchen and come across a couple of cockroaches, string of ants or other pests, then you have probably considered professional pest management.

The majority of pests and critters that are in an average house will hide and go unseen most of the time. They will stay hidden away during the daytime and out of sight but as soon as the home gets dark and quiet they will come out and start the hunt for food, water, and shelter.

It does not take much to keep a family of pests or rodents living happily. But if you end up with an infestation, it could be really difficult to combat.

Having a professional take care of your pest management issues is better than trying to do it yourself.

Cost and Safety of Pesticides

When you decide to take care of the problem on your own, you will need to purchase a pesticide.

First – how do you know you can trust the seller or manufacturer regarding the safety of the pesticide?

Second – though the cost of the pesticide product may be less than hiring professional pest management, the effectiveness will also be much less.

You may need to purchase several types of product to find one that works for the pests that you currently have around your home. Your time investment in DIY pest control alone may justify the cost of professional services.

Croach® pest management technicians are experienced and educated in effective pest treatment products and methods. We can also inspect your home to be sure that all types of pests are being addressed the right way.

Pest Management Risks

If you decide to take care of your own pest control you are running the risk of using hazardous chemicals that could be dangerous to people and pets that live in your home. You might also be spraying it in areas that can cause damage to the house itself.

When you hire a professional you know they have been trained and educated on the chemicals they are using and the best way to use them safely. They will also be able to use only what is necessary for your specific pest control needs.

Take the stress out of trying to rid your home of pests and call Croach® today to schedule your next service.

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